A taste of the Algarve: A glass of wine

A taste of the Algarve: A glass of wine

In our previous article, we started talking about how to enjoy a taste of the Algarve and we discussed about the best dishes you can experiment in the region (mostly consisting of fish, seafood, but also various types of meat).

Today, we talk about another important part of the Portuguese cuisine and culture in general, an element that will complete the image of what a taste of the Algarve truly means.

Concerning beverages, wine is probably the first on our list of suggestions. Algarve displays several types of soils, from sandy and sandstone, to clay, limestone or hard rock, also due to the varied relief of the region. The climate in East Faro and towards Spain is warm Mediterranean, while the influences of the Atlantic Ocean can no longer be masked in West Faro, where the oceanic temperate climate makes the air more humid and fresh. These aspects also affect the different sortiments of wine, mainly made of grapes.

The famous Madeira and Porto wines are not the only sortiments with a wonderful bouquet. In the Algarve, you can appreciate the sparkling and fresh taste of the “vinho verde” (in translation: green wine).

Aguardente is another locally produced spirit. The drink is quite potent, but it can certainly wash down the fish stew or the feijoada (bean stew) in no time. The most famous sportiment is medronho, mainly produced in the Monchique hills from the fruit of the tree of arbutus.

As we mentioned before, among many of the foods we cannot imagine our lives without that the Portuguese brought from the regions they had discovered was coffee. Coffee has been part of the local agriculture in Portugal for ages and, for those of you who are not into alcohol, on a sunny morning, a cup of the warm scented energizer can prove to be an exquisite moment of delightful taste.

So our suggestion is to get a taste of the Algarve and invite you to rent a car to travel throughout the region.