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How to pay the Algarve A22 tolls


We’ve been talking about the Algarve A22 tolls that have been sparking a lot of talk and protests in the region but we haven’t actually talked about how to pay the A22 Algarve tolls, so this article is meant to cover that from the view-point of a tourist or visitor to the region.

Protests continue against A22 tolls


We’ve been reporting constantly about the very vocal protests against the A22 tolls that have been taking place before and ever since these were implemented, and today is one such other day.

Ryanair at odds with Portugal tourism board


It’s true that we focus on Algarve related news and reports here, but this particular subject has Faro at its middle, Algarve so it’s quite pertinent to our subject matter.

Algarve wants winter tourism


Last week in Albufeira, the national tourism board Turismo de Portugal, announced a massive plan meant to combat seasonality in the Algarve by increasing the number of visitors to the region in the winter season.

The Algarve needs a new strategy


AHETA – the Algarve hotels and resorts association is of the opinion that the Algarve is in need of improvements in regards to its accessibility in terms of affordable flights. They feel that the lack of overhaul in this area of the tourism policy has weakened the region’s overall competitiveness as a tourist destination.

According to AHETA, the region’s tourism potential and the air transport business should be seen as two sides of the same coin and as such they should not only be viewed together but also walk hand-in-hand. However, in recent years the two sides of the coin have been going their separate ways and this has to be brought to a point of balance as soon as possible so as to better support the Algarve economy.

Albufeira guide

Albufeira Beach

The town of Albufeira is one of the Algarve’s most well known resort towns. Like many other destinations in this sun drenched and sea kissed part of the coast, Albufeira started its life as nothing more but a small fishing village, only developing into a major tourist destination relatively recently.

Many holidaymakers return to Albufeira city Portugal when they’re looking for a specific type of atmosphere which mixes great climate, lovely beaches and a plethora of eating establishments.