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Update on the Algarve occupancy rates


Time for a bit of an update in regards to the Algarve occupancy rates, which according to data from AHETA – Association of Hotels and Resorts of the Algarve, increased in August as well.

Monte Gordo guide


Today we’re going to look at another Algarve destination that you might not have heard of, so here is our quick Monte Gordo guide.

The town of Monte Gordo, as opposed to most other destinations in the Algarve is actually a pretty large and spacious one; many of its wide streets having been exclusively dedicated to pedestrians.

Algarve history travel guide

Algarve history travel guide

Today we’ll be starting a new series of articles in which we’ll be looking at the Algarve in the form of an Algarve history travel guide, we’ll talk about different locations throughout the region but with an accent on the history of each and the many historic sights that you should visit while on your trip there.

The Algarve is a great place to relax, great beaches, weather, food and drink, but it is also a magnificent area to explore for those who are history enthusiasts. This region has been this wonderful for thousands of years, so one shouldn’t be that surprised to find out that it changed hands between a variety of cultures throughout human civilization including the Romans, Moors, Crusaders, pirates and explorers in general.

Vila Real de Santo Antonio guide

Vila Real de Santo António guide

Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Portugal is located on the Guadiana River which is the natural border between Portugal and Spain. From the extreme eastern part of Vila Real one can plainly see the Spanish coastline as well as the river that connects to Ayamonte in Spain.

Those who will be heading here will notice how easy it is to get around the town thanks to it having been built on a grid system, which is something that not many other Algarve settlements can boast. With the help of our small Vila Real de Santo Antonio guide you should get a better idea of what it is that the town can offer you and whether or not you should seriously consider vacationing here.

The town’s grid system was designed by the Marques de Pombal who was rather keen on testing this new type of town planning after all the original settlements in the area were eroded by the beginning of the 17th century. The Royal charter founding the town was signed on the 30th of December 1773 and by August 6th of next year, the Town Hall, Customs House and the barracks were already completed.

Alcoutim guide

Alcoutim Portugal

The city of Alcoutim is located on the Guadiana river, which separates Portugal from Spain. It is hence a border town, but it is also part of the Algarve and this makes it a valid travel destination for many holidaymakers.

Situated in the eastern part of the Algarve and in the south of Portugal, it is one of the relative few inland resorts but despite this it still features a beach, thanks to the river. The city proper offers a lot of interesting features including accommodations, gastronomy and various events. The city’s surroundings are also very rich with opportunities thanks to places like the Vila Real de Santo Antonio and Castro Marim to name a few of the major ones.