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Environmental Award for Tavira

Environmental Award for Tavira

Algarve Portugal again comes into the spotlight and enjoys good publicity, having another reason to take pride in the environmental Award for Tavira. ECO XXI was handed out to the Municipality of Tavira by the European Blue Flag Association.

Tavira has recognized and protected salt


The Algarve city of Tavira can now claim another unique kind of attraction to within its borders, and that is its salt.

The ‘Flor de sal de Tavira’ has now become a product with a protected origin having made the list of protected products from Brussels.

Algarves least best kept secrets – Algarve wines

Algarve wines

We definitely talk a lot about tourist destinations in the Algarve and not nearly enough about its cuisine and drinks, although we have touched upon the wine culture of Algarve in previous articles, the subject on the whole is a large enough to warrant several articles.

We have talked about what makes Algarve wines special when compared to others, but today we’ll look at how the winemaking industry in Algarve evolved throughout the centuries to the award-winning industry that it is today.

Algarve history travel guide 2

algarve history travel guide

In today’s look at the Algarve history travel guide, we’ll continue on from Cacela Velha where we last left off and head westwards toward the now privately owned for of Sao Joao da Barra in Cabanas, which is now a bed and breakfast. Then you can see the Forte de Rato in Tavira which became landlocked by the shifting sands of the Atlantic coast before it was actually finished.

Tavira is described by many to be the prettiest city in the Algarve, and while that may or may not be a disputed notion, what cannot be disputed is its history, having been home to Phoenicians, Romans, Moors and then to many various Northern European settlers.

Algarve monuments get renovated

Algarve monuments

There are plenty of Algarve monuments to look for and at while on your trip there, today we’ll be talking about just two of them that have undergone some recent renovations.

The town of Tavira has a very pretty little square, the Praca da Algoa, also known as the Bishop’s Square because of the statue of Antonio Maria Marcelino Franco that can be found there. Now the statue has been fully restored thanks to recent cleaning work that has been recently undertaken in the city.

Vila Real de Santo Antonio guide

Vila Real de Santo António guide

Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Portugal is located on the Guadiana River which is the natural border between Portugal and Spain. From the extreme eastern part of Vila Real one can plainly see the Spanish coastline as well as the river that connects to Ayamonte in Spain.

Those who will be heading here will notice how easy it is to get around the town thanks to it having been built on a grid system, which is something that not many other Algarve settlements can boast. With the help of our small Vila Real de Santo Antonio guide you should get a better idea of what it is that the town can offer you and whether or not you should seriously consider vacationing here.

The town’s grid system was designed by the Marques de Pombal who was rather keen on testing this new type of town planning after all the original settlements in the area were eroded by the beginning of the 17th century. The Royal charter founding the town was signed on the 30th of December 1773 and by August 6th of next year, the Town Hall, Customs House and the barracks were already completed.