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Algarve tourism businesses urged to stay open for the winter


Desiderio Silva – who has been re-elected as the head of the Algarve Tourism Board, and also former mayor of Albufeira – has appealed to all businesses related to the Algarve tourism sector to keep their ‘lights on’ during the winter as well so as to try to maintain the current momentum.

Tourism occupancy rates are looking good overall


Halfway through the summer high-season, tourism occupancy rates in the Algarve – and overall in Portugal – are looking good.

The optimism for future tourism is increasing in the country, and especially in the Algarve seeing as how a large percentage of the increased tourism is in the region.

Ryanair at odds with Portugal tourism board


It’s true that we focus on Algarve related news and reports here, but this particular subject has Faro at its middle, Algarve so it’s quite pertinent to our subject matter.

Algarve wants winter tourism


Last week in Albufeira, the national tourism board Turismo de Portugal, announced a massive plan meant to combat seasonality in the Algarve by increasing the number of visitors to the region in the winter season.

The Algarve buddies up to Seville


We’ve been reporting now and again about the very-sustained effort of the Algarve authorities to improve their promotional activities of the region to potential new visitors.

Algarve forecasts a good summer season


After reporting the past couple of months about the rather hard times that the Algarve has been going through and the fact that it will most likely have to go through a few more bad high seasons, today we have a bit of good news because the Tourism Board has forecast a much better summer season for 2013.