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Top 5 things to do in Algarve- part 2


The Algarve, in southern Portugal, is a special location since it has 150 kilometers of coastline that faces the Atlantic Ocean. The area is one of the most developed tourist destinations in all of Europe and offers the ideal blend of natural beauty and historic legacy.
The Algarve, which is frequently mistakenly referred to as Portugal’s “mass tourism” zone, yet has a wealth of choices for a vacation rich in both culture and nature.

Top 5 things to do in Algarve- part 1


Portugal‘s southernmost region, the Algarve, is well-known for its breathtaking beaches and coastline. The main draws are its natural treasures, which include excellent surfing places, tall cliffs, secret bays, and lagoons teeming with birds.
The Algarve is also Portugal’s most well-liked vacation spot due to the area’s nearly 200 kilometers of immaculate beaches, cold, unpolluted water, affordability, safety, and general friendliness.
This region is diverse and rich in culture. If you choose a bustling resort or a quiet, peaceful setting, you can find both. There are more than 100 different beaches in the about 5400 sq km area.

1. Faro Island Beach
One of the most beautiful and well-liked sandy stretches in the area is Faro Island Beach. Along the shoreline, which spans a short sand bar for three miles, there are cafes, restaurants, and recreational providers.
Take in the unimpeded views of the Formosa River and the Atlantic Ocean on each side of you.
Go swimming in the wonderfully clean, clear ocean. Lifeguards keep watch on popular beach areas during the summer.

2. Benagil Cave
Discover the renowned Benagil cave, a huge sea cave in the shape of a dome that is both extraordinarily beautiful and original and can only be reached by water.
Benagil cave boat tours are widely available, and the cave is also accessible by kayak and stand-up paddleboard. But it’s not the only fantastic location on the coast.
Just west of Lagos is a dream scenery of caves and grottoes called Ponta do Piedade. Beautiful rock formations can be found near Portimo in Joo d’Arens, while the Ria Formosa is a vast expanse of sandbanks, crystalline lagoons, and barrier islands.

3. Costa Vicentina
Portugal’s greatest protected coastline region, the Costa Vicentina, is home to expansive beaches, dunes of sand, wildflowers, traditional communities, and cliffs in shades of grey and copper.
The beaches on the Costa Vicentina, on the west coast, are more spectacular than the beaches on the south coast, with larger waves, sea-soaked air, and darker rocks.
Popular with surfers, the coast has a relaxed atmosphere and some fantastic restaurants. Attractive beaches include Arrifana, Amado, and Monte Clerigo.

4. Waterpark fun
Have a great day at a waterpark—there are plenty in the Algarve, and they’re not just for kids. While Zoomarine, the main attraction in the Algarve, not only features water slides and rides, but it’s also a marine park with an important ecological message, complete with an aquarium, dolphins, and sea lions.
Slide and Splash and Aquashow are pure waterslide fun. And pirates, for additional enjoyment.

5. Albufeira Old Town
The bustling center of the evocative Albufeira Old Town is the square known as Jardim Publico de Albufeira. This park-like area, which is shaded by trees, provides wonderful opportunities for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Any time of day is a good time to visit Albufeira Old Town Square to experience the true spirit of this historic fishing community.
The outdoor dining areas of the bars and restaurants make for the best places to take in the bustle of the square. Enjoy freshly caught fish at your table while sipping coffee, a refreshing beer, or a glass of port.
All throughout the day, musicians and street entertainers keep people entertained.

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Discover the traditions and events from Algarve in December!


The Algarve is the ideal location in Europe for a winter vacation. The stunning Algarve region in southern Portugal welcomes guests with breathtaking vistas, countless beaches, charming coastal towns and unique festivals and events.
For those wishing to get away from the cold during the winter, this sun-kissed region of southern Portugal is a great choice.
Blissfully quiet beaches, peaceful hiking trails, staggering cliffs, colorfully tiled fishing villages, and breathtaking landscapes are only some of the things you can expect from Algarve in winter.
If you’re looking for European winter sun, Algarve is the place to be! Enjoy the amazing December festivals with your family and friends in Algarve!

Enjoy the Algarve festivals and events!


Welcome to Algarve, the never-ending summer land, where the perfect atmosphere accompanied by the dazzling sun, the excellent weather, the joyful rebel waves embracing the landforms along with the sandy shores are impaciently waiting for people to visit and to enjoy this corner of paradise.
There are plenty of beautiful and engaging upcoming festivals and events, eager to welcoming you. You cannot miss them!

Enjoy the most fascinating holiday in Sao Miguel!


Have you already made you holiday plans? If not, it’s about time you started looking for your next unforgettable holiday destination!
The summer is almost here, but in Sao Miguel summer reigns almost the entire year, surrounded by excellent weather, sunny days, lovely atmosphere and wonderfully welcoming people.
Known as the ”green island”, Sao Miguel island is the capital of the Azores archipelago and it’s famous for its lush green and blue heaven, which seems to dress the entire island.
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Apart from being home to the main airport of the archipelago, the charming Ponta Delgada is famous for its monuments, churches, botanical gardens and, of course, the breathtaking landscapes.
Close to the water in the São Sebastiao parish, this three-arched gate is Ponta Delgada’s postcard image and is adorned with the royal crown and the coat of arms of the city.
These symbolic old gates of the city are part of the old defences and were built in 1783 from regional volcanic stone, having whitewashed masonry, while the square in front is adorned calçada portuguesa (Portuguese mosaic pavement) in an ornamental pattern.

Considered one of the biggest green spaces from Ponta Delgada, the Botanical Garden Jardim António Borges is a true beautiful and magical garden to visit, where you’ll find a wide variety of exotic species, brought to Sao Miguel by António Borges, an Azorean politician with a special interest for agriculture and botany.
The 19th-century garden preserves the atmosphere of the past and its romantic style and it represnts a place where you can have a magical walk with you dear ones, where you can relax and contemplate while admiring the small caves, the diversity of flora and the trill of the birds.
Close to the botanical garden, you can also discover and visit Sant’Ana Palace or Jose de Canto botanical garden, which are definitely worth visiting!

Capela de Nossa Senhora das Vitorias, built in neo-Gothical style in local stone and brick, is a 19th century church and it’s situated on Furnas lake’s south shore, which absolutely cannot be missed. No services are held in the chapel, where José do Canto, a local landowner and botanist, is entombed next to his wife.
Its imposing presence and unique spirit, along with the fine architecture emphasize this love declaration, as well as the sadness of this love story. The garden and waterfall near the church complements this marvellous church, as well as the beautiful forest where you can walk and enjoy the tranquility of this place.
Given these beautiful surroundings, the story of this place, the contemplation of history, as well as the tranquil vibrance of this church, Capella de Nossa Senhora das Vitorias stands out as one of the most endearing, rustic and evocative places in the Azores.

Can you imagine an authentic Atlantic Spa? Here, on Sao Miguel island you have the chance to discover and enjoy this underwater geothermal spring that heats up the ocean. Ferraria it’s definitely an impressive place, which won’t cease to amaze you.
Situated on the west coastline of São Miguel, this natural hot swimming pool is a unique pool where thermal water heated by the lava rock cliffs and the gethermal spring beneath merge with the ocean’s water. This geothermal spring represents the only hot spring from the Sete Cidades volcanic complex natural.
This unique phenomenon brings together two types of magical water with numerous properties in a fairytale place, with amazing landscapes and vibrantingly relaxing atmopshere. The visitors can enjoy the benefits of this relaxing spring and ocean water and feel the effects of geothermics.

Representing two of the 7 natural wonders of Portugal, the legendary Blue and Green Lakes are a must see for the nature and adventure enthusiasts and they are located in the western part of the island.
According to the legend, once upton a time there was a princess and a pastor, whose love was forbidden by the king. In spite of the king’s disagreement and absolute prohibition, the lovers agrred to meet in secret one last time and cried together for their sad fates. It was these same tears that filled the valley: the blue lake reflects the color of the princess’s eyes and the other pond, the green color of the shepherd’s eyes.
The tears of this sad separation formed two lagoons that continue together to this very day!
You cannot miss this splendid place, with its surreal views, that will make fall in love with this green and blue corner of paradise.

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Discover Algarve’s rare hidden gems! – part 1

algarve ponta da piedade

Situated in Portugal, the enchanting Algarve is the perfect holiday destination to discover new beautiful places and to enjoy its rarest hidden gems with your family and friends.
The pleasant clime of 28 degrees ( let’s face it, it’s a great weather for this time of the year) and remarkable location will make fall in love even more with these unique places, because you’ll first fall in love with the amazing vibrant atmosphere and the welcoming warmth of the people.

Benagil Cave
Located between Carvoeiro and Armação de Pêra and probably one of the most beautiful caves you have ever visited, Benagil Cave’s first appearance and impression is the one of an imposing magnificent cathedral, due to its distinguished ”architecture” which offers the cave a royal air, surrounded by dazzling crystal clear waters.
Whoever visits it will feel like stepping into a royal palace embraced by breathtaking views.
The color oscillation of the walls, from orange, yellow and white, to an explosion of unbelievable colors might make you start doubting they are heavenly natural and not created by human beings. Another phenomena which strikes admiration is the beach from the interior of the Cathedral of Benagil and its sea water, which acquires a turquoise colour inside the cave, which transports the visitors to a paradisaical island in the middle of the Pacific.
Considered by the Michelin Guide to be the 15th most beautiful cave in the world, the Benagil Cave is definitely a spectacular location, worth to be visited.

Ponta da Piedade
Holding the proud title of the most beautiful beach in the world, Ponta da Piedade is an idyllic destination not to be missed, a stunningly beautiful section of a coastline gathering a fantasy landscape of caves, grottoes and sea arches that nature has sculpted in the cliffs over thousands of years.
Located 2 km from Lagos on the Costa d’Oiro and full of grottos, unknown bays and quiet beaches, the Ponte da Piedade is particularly captivating when viewed from the sea.
The fascinating stories of these oddly shaped rocks are quite famous among the locals and the fishermen. Some names given to these misshapen rocks and perpetuated by fishermen include General De Gaulle, Chaminé (chimney), Catedral (cathedral), Belas-Artes (fine arts), Camelo (camel), Museu (museum), Submarino (underwater), Cozinha (kitchen) and Gruta dos Amores (grotto of love).
The best part of the cliffs is located on the eastern side of the lighthouse. Here is also where you’ll find a long staircase which it will lead you to the most picturesque cove, offering the most wonderful coastline views.
The natural beauty, together with the wide diversity and the natural lush habitat of several birds and animals, which can easily be observed in the waters or near the cliffs, transform Ponta da Piedade in a magical place and a must stop for any visitor.

Pego da Inferno
Situated approximately 7km northwest of Tavira in the eastern Algarve, Pego do Inferno (which literally means ”Hell’s Pool”), is a waterfall and lake combo, once known among locals as the ”secret waterfall”, but definitely not so secret anymore, due to large amount of tourists who come to visit it every year in the pursue of adventures, amazing landscapes and unforgettable memories.
The waterfall is known as Pego do Inferno (”Hell’s Pool”/”Pit of hell”) due to a popular local legend concerning this place about a carriage that fell into the lake, never to be found. It was said that anyone who fell into it would go straight to hell.
The legend also says that the remains of the occupants of the cart, as well as the animals were never found and that divers were not able to find the bottom of the lake, which has been called (”Hell’s Pool”/”Pit of hell”) ever since.
It is definitely a destination which has to be marked on every tourist’s Halloween agenda.

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