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New developments in the Algarve


Today we’re reporting on some new developments that are going to be built around the Algarve.

Loule Carnival theme for 2013 announced

Loule carnival

The Loule Carnival is by far amongst the biggest events across the Algarve, it is definitely the biggest in Loule and the oldest in the region. It usually takes place in February over the course of three days – the third day being Shrove Tuesday and it’s a wonderfully colorful and noisy affair with music, dancing and all-around revelry.

It is reminiscent to a certain extend with the much more famous Brasilian carnivals, with people from all over the region coming to Loule to watch the procession and join in with the festivities in the center streets. In fact the city centre is closed off for the duration of the festivities, entrance to the area costing a few Euros.

A quick introduction to the Algarve


For those of you who are new to the knowledge of the existence of the Algarve, we thought to make an article right at the beginning of the year to start you off with a basic idea of what the region of the Algarve is all about, before you dive into some of our other articles about different destinations in the region.

We’ve talked about, and most likely we’ll continue to talk about the wonderful weather, beaches and culture of the Algarve in the future, but today we’ll focus on things that are less obvious, although just as popular once you get there.

Algarve festivals and events 1

Festa das Chouriças em Sao Luis

Algarve festivals and events aren’t necessarily what people tend to have in mind when they plan a trip to the Algarve. Frankly the great weather and plethora of activity and entertainment options are usually enough to convince most if not all potential travelers that the southern part of Portugal is the place to go, but we want to add a bit to that and tell you about some of the rather many Algarve festivals and events that you might want to attend while on your trip.

Loulé guide


It is still unknown for certain when the city of Loulé, Portugal got its beginnings. Some consider it to start at around 400 BC while others believe that it is Roman in origin. However what is known is that by 715 when the Moors invaded the Algarve, Loulé was already an important town.

This rather interesting town is located at about sixteen kilometers north of Faro and its main feature is the landmark church of Nossa Senhora da Piedare – interesting enough, as opposed to pretty much all other towns in the region, this church is a modern building with a dome shape that makes it look a bit like a space ship. A bit larger than many other Algarve resorts and towns, Loulé offers all the amenities that you may expect including many shops, banks, art galleries and many other, we’ll try to cover as many of them in this short Loulé guide.

Loulé is well-known in the region for hosting each a Saturday morning a gypsy market, located at the end of Rua da nossa Senhora da Piedade, in fact there are special trips that are available from many Algarve resort in order to get here, however you can also employ some Loulé transfer from Faro Airport and get here straight from the airport.