Thinking of studying in the Algarve?

Algarve University

For those thinking of studying in the Algarve, there is an interesting phenomenon taking place in the Algarve University numbers, thanks to a combination of two important factors. The numbers of enrolling students is increasing both from local students as well as foreign ones, due to the economic crisis and the fact that the university offers lectures in English.

A spokesperson for the Algarve University said that they are expecting around 300 international students to come follow their courses, while less local students will be going abroad. This is largely due to the economic crisis, which is making universities abroad much harder to attend financially, so some foreign students find the Algarve University as a more affordable alternative, and on the local front, it means that going to study abroad for Portuguese students is that much harder.

There are a couple of numbers to back this up, according to a coordinator for International Relations and Mobility, fifteen out of the two hundred local students that were intending on studying abroad, have changed their minds mainly because of the bad economic times.

The coordinator laments however the decreased ability of Portuguese students to study abroad, since becoming internationalized prepares a student for the real world. The problem stems from the fact that the scholarships are relatively low and there has to be some self-financing and this limits people quite a bit.

Now shifting our attention to the approximate three hundred international students that are expected to show up for their first courses this month, half of them come from within the European Union while the other half come mainly from Brazil, but Russia, Bosnia, Canada and Qatar show up as well.

When you add them all up, more than fifty different foreign nationalities will be studying at the University of Algarve this year, however it should be noted that this isn’t the largest that the institution has hosted.

Last year the University hosted about four hundred and fifty international students, and that number is expected to either be matched or surpassed this year.

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