Alcoutim guide

Alcoutim Portugal

The city of Alcoutim is located on the Guadiana river, which separates Portugal from Spain. It is hence a border town, but it is also part of the Algarve and this makes it a valid travel destination for many holidaymakers.

Situated in the eastern part of the Algarve and in the south of Portugal, it is one of the relative few inland resorts but despite this it still features a beach, thanks to the river. The city proper offers a lot of interesting features including accommodations, gastronomy and various events. The city’s surroundings are also very rich with opportunities thanks to places like the Vila Real de Santo Antonio and Castro Marim to name a few of the major ones.

This part of the region is great for those holidaymakers who are interested in the region’s history, but not exclusively, as the traditions, sights and outdoor activities can appeal to almost anyone, so this is our little Alcoutim city guide, to give you an idea of what to expect.

Alcoutim city Portugal is located at about forty kilometers distance of Vila Real de Santo Antonio and there has been some type of establishment around these parts for about four thousand years, thanks to its rich deposits of copper, iron and manganese.

The settlement grew in importance during Roman times thanks to these resources and it continued to do so during the Medieval period; the remains of a 14th century castle which overlooks the city can be visited, they house now a small archaeological museum.

The geography in this region is very hilly, and Alcoutim is itself a hillside town. It retains many of its more Medieval characteristics, in the sense that there are small squares and cobbled streets, but there’s also a paved promenade along the river front which is in turn populated by restaurants and cafes.

The church that you can fin near the river front was initially built in the 16th century, however it required several reconstructions throughout the intervening centuries. The river is also quite narrow here which allows for a lot of sailing boats and other river craft to float gently.

Even if you will not be staying in Alcoutim you should still consider visiting it, and thankfully there are many Alcoutim city transfer from Faro Airport available if you’re interested. Of course the other option would be to employ some Alcoutim city car hire services and just drive in and around the place at your own leisure.

The town itself is worthy of a visit, but if not for that, then at least to see the unspoilt countryside that you’ll pass through on your way here. The region as a whole is quite different from the general view of what the Algarve is, but yet it is part of the Algarve, and is part of the wide range of diversity that the south of Portugal offers its visitors. It’s a very peaceful place and the green hills make it a wonderful area to walk around. It is interesting to note how completely different it is from the south coast beach resorts, even though it is only at a bout half an hour’s drive away. The rolling, green hills create quite a different type of Algarve experience.

The places around described in this Alcoutim guide are quite interesting as well, Pereiro and Martinlongo being two of the other destinations, and the picturesque town of Mertola can all prove to be interesting places to visit.

Towards the south of the town you’ll find the historically important town of Castro Marim which features the ruins of a Moorish castle as well as those a 17th century fort, both of which were built in order to protect the border with Spain as well as to guard the ships which used the river. The castle now offers some great views of the salt pans, the Castro Marim Nature Reserve and of course Spain.

It is clear by now that the north-eastern region of the Algarve is quite different from what the general idea bout the region is, however this doesn’t make it any less interesting or alluring; it’s a wonderful place to visit and roam around the countryside and small towns – keep in mind that a rental car might be a good idea.