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Algarve health destination branding for the future


Algarve health destination

Most people will know by now that the Algarve is quite well known both in the Europe as well as all around the world for being a great tourist destination for those looking for sun, sand and wonderful weather all year-round.

That is still true however recently it appears that the Algarve will start being promoted as a health and wellbeing destination as well.

Portugal – Popular holiday destination for good reasons

Dona Ana beach Lagos Portugal image

Portugal is such a popular tourist destination for many reasons

One of the main reasons why Portugal is such a popular holiday destination is its absolutely wonderful climate. The average summer temperature hovers around thirty degrees Centigrade and while that may not sound like anything special since in the summertime it’s hot in most temperate zones and most of Europe.

The island of Madeira

Madeira Island

Madeira, the Garden Island

Madeira is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, and while some might think that it is actually just one island, the title of Madeira is meant for an entire archipelago which features only two populated islands, the largest.

A visit to Madeira

Madeira cliffs

Madeira – The Pearl of the Atlantic

While the entire country of Portugal is a very popular tourist destination, there are places within it which are more popular than other. One example of this would be the Algave region in the south or Portugal, and another would be the Madeira Islands, arguably the most beautiful island in the Atlantic.



A floating garden to some, extreme relaxation to others

The rather small archipelago of the Madeira Islands has been described by many as a ‘floating garden’ or the ‘Pearl of the Atlantic’. The garden part comes in as a reflexion of the centuries of successful cultivation that the islands have seen, thanks to the rich volcanic soil, the abundant rainfall and the mild climate.

The top 5 most Isolated Getaways

Amazing and remote islands to make the perfect holiday destination.

Sometimes on holiday you want to go out, be sociable and enjoy the cultural sights and sounds of the world’s great destinations. At other times though, all you really want is to get away from it all.

Island holidays are brilliant for escaping from the rat race of a busy modern life. If you are looking for a complete escape, why not whisk yourself away to one of these isolated paradises?


Madeira is a long way out into the Atlantic Ocean, which means that not that many people are prepared to slog their way out there – making it a superb island retreat. The island has lent its name to both the famous cake and fortified wine, and has some simply stunning rugged scenery for walkers and ramblers alike.

Easter Island

Easter Island is about as remote as you can get. Once you’ve taken a flight to the most westerly point of Chile, you’re still over 2,000 miles (3,500km) away from the island. The trip is totally worth it though, with some of the most sensational views in the world, including the world famous Moai statues. Easter Island is about as remote as you can get for an island. Once you arrive at Chile, which is the most westernly point you are still over 2,000 miles away! The trip is totally worth it though, Easter Island has some of the most amazing views in the world, inlcluding the uber famous Moai statues.

Koh Phi Phi Leh

Koh phi phi wasdmade famous by the Leonardo DiCaprio film The beach. Flights to Thailand are getting cheaper and cheaper at the moment, and Koh Phi Phi is best accessed by river from Krabi or Phuket.  The Island was really tampered with during the filming of the movie, but since the tsunami in 2004 most of the islands natural beauty has returned.


The Maldives islands are a total of 1,200 islands of paradise, each one totally unique. The capital Male is worth seeing, but if you are just wanting to relax away from it all, Meeru is one of the best resorts available.

Necker Island

Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson has most things money can buy, including his own private island. Necker Island in the British Virgin Isles of the Caribbean is about as exclusive as islands come. Resplendent with luxury facilities, the island has capacity for around 30 people, so bumping into other tourists is a rare occasion indeed.