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Visiting the Algarve during autumn and winter breaks

visiting the algarve

We talk a lot about how wonderful of a holiday destination the Algarve is during the warm seasons, however today we’ll look a bit into visiting the Algarve during autumn and winter breaks, the decidedly not-so warm seasons.

The Algarve is amongst those holiday destinations that is popular not only during the summer but also during the winter, and that is due to quite a few reasons, one of them being the fact that it is located firmly on the European continent – which makes it relatively easier to visit from within the continent, and the fact that it features a lot of golf courses – but more on that later.

Win a free car hire for a week in Algarve – Winter 2012-2013 promotion

Algarve Free Car Hire

Win a free car hire for a week in Algarve, all you have to do is to book a car between 1 November 2012 – 31 March 2013 and you’ll automatically have a chance of winning a FREE car hire group A vehicle.

You can win a FREE Car Hire group A vehicle for a week during your rental period worth 130 Euro. In case the winner wants to rent a car from a different group, then he or she will only have to pay the difference between what would be the price of their chosen vehicle and the price of a group A vehicle.

Algarve winter holiday

algarve winter holiday

Going on an Algarve winter holiday might just be one of the best ideas that you’ve had since the moment that you started considering leaving your cold home for warmer shores. The Algarve is known for the great weather, and one might think that during the winter months it’s just decent weather here, but you’ll be pleased to know that average temperatures in October and November are somewhere between 19 to 22 Centigrade, and there are anywhere from six to eight hours of sunshine during the day, it’s absolutely great. Compare those temperatures to those just a bit north of the Iberian Peninsula and you get much lower numbers.

Things to do in the Algarve: Surfing school


Going to Surfing school may not be the first thing that pops to mind when one plans a trip to the Algarve, but it’s definitely a consideration for the more adventurous thrill-seekers, who love to ride the waves.

Especially the South-Western corner of the Algarve is very popular with surfing enthusiasts from Europe and all across the world, because it is very similar to surfing a peninsula. The over twenty beaches in the region are all within maximum a half an hour drive of each other or your accommodation and they feature reefs, points, bowling beach breaks, not to mention warm blue waters.

Portugal – Popular holiday destination for good reasons

Dona Ana beach Lagos Portugal image

Portugal is such a popular tourist destination for many reasons

One of the main reasons why Portugal is such a popular holiday destination is its absolutely wonderful climate. The average summer temperature hovers around thirty degrees Centigrade and while that may not sound like anything special since in the summertime it’s hot in most temperate zones and most of Europe.

Porto – Having a fun time in Porto, Portugal

Porto - Portugal image

Popular Portugal

Portugal is a very popular tourist destination amongst Europeans and Brits especially, but oftentimes most of the attention is directed at the southern region of the Algarve as that is the most popular, but the northern regions shouldn’t be overlooked when planning a trip there. The city of Porto for instance, is located in the north of the country and is a rather interesting tourist destination for several reasons.