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Update on the Algarve occupancy rates


Time for a bit of an update in regards to the Algarve occupancy rates, which according to data from AHETA – Association of Hotels and Resorts of the Algarve, increased in August as well.

Algarve tourism businesses urged to stay open for the winter


Desiderio Silva – who has been re-elected as the head of the Algarve Tourism Board, and also former mayor of Albufeira – has appealed to all businesses related to the Algarve tourism sector to keep their ‘lights on’ during the winter as well so as to try to maintain the current momentum.

Guia guide


At just four kilometers away from the more better-known town of Albufeira lies the small village of Guia, and this is our Guia guide meant to bring a bit of awareness about this small dot on the map of the Algarve region.

Albufeira campaing underway on cliff dangers


For those of you thinking that the main dangers of visiting Albufeira revolved around getting sun burn, getting a bit lost, or maybe in the worse-case-scenario you’d get something stolen, then you should add the possibility of a cliff falling either on you, or from beneath your feet.

Monte Gordo guide


Today we’re going to look at another Algarve destination that you might not have heard of, so here is our quick Monte Gordo guide.

The town of Monte Gordo, as opposed to most other destinations in the Algarve is actually a pretty large and spacious one; many of its wide streets having been exclusively dedicated to pedestrians.

Local journalists to see Algarve hidden gems


We’ve been talking a fair bit about the economic troubles that the Algarve is going through in the recent couple of years and the need for the region to be rebranded somewhat to outside tourist to mean more than just golf and beaches.