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Almost 9 in 10 Portuguese holidayed in Portugal in 2013


A recent study has found that 86% of Portuguese opted to spend their holidays in Portugal in 2013, in places not that far from where they live.

Guia guide


At just four kilometers away from the more better-known town of Albufeira lies the small village of Guia, and this is our Guia guide meant to bring a bit of awareness about this small dot on the map of the Algarve region.

There’s gold to be had in Guadiana…maybe


Apparently Guadiana might be the home of a minor gold rush in the future seeing as how a company has applied for prospecting right for gold and other precious metals along the banks of the Guadiana River.

Algarve wants autonomous port authority


Considering the fact that the Algarve is a huge piece of seaside, you’d think they have their ports completely under control, but weirdly enough the Algarve is the only region in Portugal without its own autonomous port authority.

Authorities taking action on illegal Algarve holiday lets

algarve holiday

The arrival of spring in Europe also marks the start of the tourist season in the Algarve, and this makes the timing just right for Portuguese authorities to announce that they will be taking action against illegal holiday lets, which means heavy fines for those who do not comply with the law.

Algarves least best kept secrets – Algarve wines

Algarve wines

We definitely talk a lot about tourist destinations in the Algarve and not nearly enough about its cuisine and drinks, although we have touched upon the wine culture of Algarve in previous articles, the subject on the whole is a large enough to warrant several articles.

We have talked about what makes Algarve wines special when compared to others, but today we’ll look at how the winemaking industry in Algarve evolved throughout the centuries to the award-winning industry that it is today.