Authorities taking action on illegal Algarve holiday lets

algarve holiday

The arrival of spring in Europe also marks the start of the tourist season in the Algarve, and this makes the timing just right for Portuguese authorities to announce that they will be taking action against illegal holiday lets, which means heavy fines for those who do not comply with the law.

The Autoridade de Seguranca Alimetnar e Economica – ASEA – has said in a statement that they’ve started inspecting holiday accommodations in the Algarve region, with the aim of clamping down on privately owned apartments and villas that are being let for holidaying purposes without them being licensed under the Alojamento Local – Local Lodging – regime.

According to Decree-Law nr.39/2008 of March 7, you have to obtain a license to rent a private property on a temporary basis and be considered an ‘Alojamento Local’ unit. The ASAE’s mission is to inspect private properties that are being used for such purposes to make sure that they comply with this law.

The law also stipulates a list of requirements, which this type of establishments must comply with, like hygiene and safety standards.

This move has the double purpose of both protecting unknowing tourists from renting sub-par accommodations and then not having a great Algarve experience, as well as a source of extra and much-needed income to the government.

Ever since the 2008 legislation, the procedure for registering and licensing a property for temporary/holiday rentals has been considerably simplified, but there is still an issue with people’s awareness of this fact. The process itself is a rather easy and straightforward one, according to lawyers, but there might be some confusion in regards to it because of ‘hearsay culture’.

Property owners  in the Algarve can expect to be visited by council technicians following an application for their ‘Alojamento Local’ status; non-compliance with the legislation will result in the cancellation of the application and heavy fines starting at 2,500 euros and going up to 45,000.