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Algarve wants winter tourism


Last week in Albufeira, the national tourism board Turismo de Portugal, announced a massive plan meant to combat seasonality in the Algarve by increasing the number of visitors to the region in the winter season.

Half of the Algarve hotels are closed for the winter

Algarve hotels

It appears that during this cold season – the 2013 season – the number of Algarve hotels closing their doors is expected to rise according to the Portuguese Hotel Association – AHP.

We tout the idea of visiting the Algarve during the winter a lot on this website because of the reduced prices, considerably smaller crowds and milder temperatures however we’ve also talked about how the tough economic times are battering the area, and today is going to be one of the latter types of articles.

Algarve as a winter destination

algarve as a winter destination

Not many people consider the Algarve as a winter destination, and that’s a very simple mistake to be made, after all the Algarve is great in the summer right?

Well while in the summer its high temperatures and warm waters definitely attract the most of its visitors, one should also be aware that during the winter season, while most of Europe is encased in rain, snow or ice, or all of them, the Algarve is still wonderfully sunny.

Algarve in the off-season – September and October

Algarve off-season

People don’t talk about Algarve in the off-season as much as they should, I mean we did talk about Algarve in the winter season a while back, but that only scratches the surface of the great experience that one will have if they go to the Algarve in the off-season.

Actually the months of September and October are some of the best months to visit the Algarve – because during these months the average temperatures tend to hover around the mid to high 20’s, in the shade, so it will still be hot by pretty much most standards.

Algarve Golf Holidays

Algarve golf club - Monte Rei Club Photo

Golfing holidays in the Algarve

Portugal’s Algarve region is quite possibly Europe’s most popular vacation destination. Due to its location on the southernmost region of the country and indeed of the Iberian peninsula, the Algarve benefits from some spectacular weather all year round. When you couple that fact with the almost two hundred kilometers of beach it shouldn’t come as a surprise why this region of Europe is so popular with tourists.