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Algarve history travel guide 3

algarve history travel guide

Continuing our Algarve history travel guide we’ll head to the small and quirky town of Olhao where two of its oldest quarters feature some very exotic white cubist housing, quite unique in Europe. Similar dwellings can be found in North Africa, however the ones in Portugal feature some unusual modifications in the form of verandas and roof terraces.

Faro tourist attractions

Faro tourist attractions

We’ve talked in general about Faro a while back, but today we’ll focus a bit more on some of the many Faro tourist attractions that you can enjoy while on your trip there.

One of the best starting places for a tour of the entire city is in fact an attraction in itself, the Praca de Dom Francisco Gomes features an obelisk erected in 1910 which commemorates the diplomat Ferreira d’Almeida, an important figure in Faro’s history.

Alcoutim guide

Alcoutim Portugal

The city of Alcoutim is located on the Guadiana river, which separates Portugal from Spain. It is hence a border town, but it is also part of the Algarve and this makes it a valid travel destination for many holidaymakers.

Situated in the eastern part of the Algarve and in the south of Portugal, it is one of the relative few inland resorts but despite this it still features a beach, thanks to the river. The city proper offers a lot of interesting features including accommodations, gastronomy and various events. The city’s surroundings are also very rich with opportunities thanks to places like the Vila Real de Santo Antonio and Castro Marim to name a few of the major ones.

The Faro Holiday Experience


Faro City

The city of Faro is the administrative center of the entire Algarve region and due to this characteristic the city is oftentimes used as starting point by visitors to the region. Just like most other cities or towns in the region, Faro’s population is relatively small, barely topping fifty-five thousand, however it is one of the more larger towns in the region.

A holiday in Lisbon


Lisbon, Portugal’s capital

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, a city located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and set on seven hills, as the legend says. The city is characterized by a particular type of charm which stems mostly from it’s strong links to its past as well as the presence of water as a defining element.