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Algarve Easter Holiday

algarve easter holiday

Good Friday is only two weeks away so those of you who are interested in an Algarve Easter holiday should go about making a booking now, because waiting an extra week might be too late.

Even though Easter is quite early in 2013, you have to keep in mind that is a very popular holiday for the Portuguese as well as for the British and the Irish, and tourist from the British Isles are quite a common occurrence here normally, so on such an important occasion you can be sure that they’ve already booked their accommodations well ahead of time.

A quick introduction to the Algarve


For those of you who are new to the knowledge of the existence of the Algarve, we thought to make an article right at the beginning of the year to start you off with a basic idea of what the region of the Algarve is all about, before you dive into some of our other articles about different destinations in the region.

We’ve talked about, and most likely we’ll continue to talk about the wonderful weather, beaches and culture of the Algarve in the future, but today we’ll focus on things that are less obvious, although just as popular once you get there.

Algarve as a winter destination

algarve as a winter destination

Not many people consider the Algarve as a winter destination, and that’s a very simple mistake to be made, after all the Algarve is great in the summer right?

Well while in the summer its high temperatures and warm waters definitely attract the most of its visitors, one should also be aware that during the winter season, while most of Europe is encased in rain, snow or ice, or all of them, the Algarve is still wonderfully sunny.

Algarve health destination branding for the future


Algarve health destination

Most people will know by now that the Algarve is quite well known both in the Europe as well as all around the world for being a great tourist destination for those looking for sun, sand and wonderful weather all year-round.

That is still true however recently it appears that the Algarve will start being promoted as a health and wellbeing destination as well.

Win a free car hire for a week in Algarve – Winter 2012-2013 promotion

Algarve Free Car Hire

Win a free car hire for a week in Algarve, all you have to do is to book a car between 1 November 2012 – 31 March 2013 and you’ll automatically have a chance of winning a FREE car hire group A vehicle.

You can win a FREE Car Hire group A vehicle for a week during your rental period worth 130 Euro. In case the winner wants to rent a car from a different group, then he or she will only have to pay the difference between what would be the price of their chosen vehicle and the price of a group A vehicle.

Silves guide

Silves Portugal - Silves guide

Silves, Portugal sits on the banks of the Arade River, a town littered with lemon and orange trees, Silves is a place full of history and wherever you’ll look, you’ll find some small or large thing that adds to this place’s enchanting atmosphere.

The settlement that is today known as Silves, has always been an important one in the region because thanks to its positioning, it lay at the entrance to the inland areas of the Algarve. Going there now, you can’t really see it, because the river is now too silted up to allow large vessels to travel it, but in centuries past, that was not an issue.

Any Silves guide is pretty much obliged to mention the most prominent monument in the city, namely the Castelo de Silves. This is now the best preserved castle in the region and it towers above the town alongside the nearby Cathedral. Being a fortress it was built on an overlooking hill, obviously so the views from the battlements are quite spectacular. The castle features eleven towers, two of them being barbicans, and its thick walls still enclose an area of about twelve hundred thousand square meters. Four of the towers were rebuilt during the 14th and 15 centuries and as such feature Gothic doorways.