Algarve Easter Holiday

algarve easter holiday

Good Friday is only two weeks away so those of you who are interested in an Algarve Easter holiday should go about making a booking now, because waiting an extra week might be too late.

Even though Easter is quite early in 2013, you have to keep in mind that is a very popular holiday for the Portuguese as well as for the British and the Irish, and tourist from the British Isles are quite a common occurrence here normally, so on such an important occasion you can be sure that they’ve already booked their accommodations well ahead of time.

We should also note that while Good Friday – Friday 29th March – and Easter Sunday – Sunday 31st March – are national holiday in Portugal as well, Easter Monday isn’t, it won’t really affect you per se, but just a heads up so you’re not astounded when you see people going about their business as usual on Monday.

The Algarve attractions are pretty much the same regardless of the time of year that you visit during however, we’ll talk now a bit about the average temperatures that you should expect while visiting towards the end of March since this may not have been the time that you considered initially.

Now the average temperatures during March hover around 15 Centigrade – 58 Fahrenheit – however, since you’ll be going there right at the end of the month, looking at the highest temperatures might be a good idea as well. The highest temperature on average in March in the Algarve is 19 Centigrade or 66 Fahrenheit, with the lowest being around 10 and 52, so you should expect decent temperature and weather during this Easter stay. The weather can however vary quite a bit depending on the region that you’ll be based around so keep that in mind.

Even though you’ll be going to attend a religious holiday and religious event, whether or not there’s sun will surely influence your other activities, so you’ll be glad to hear that in March there are on average seven hours of daylight and in April nine, so somewhere in between.

Regardless of how long a time you’ll be spending in the Algarve or where exactly you’ll be staying, you should strongly consider some Lagos car hire services.