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Algarve golf region takes UK magazine top award


Today’s Golfer – the UK golfing magazine – has yet again named the Algarve golf region as being the number one value-for-money European golfing destination and truthfully speaking now this should not come as a surprise to no one.

This is the second time running that the Algarve golf region gets the top spot, ahead of Turkey and Murcia, getting forty-three percent of the votes. On the whole the Algarve was also the one to get the most awards – six in total.

A quick introduction to the Algarve


For those of you who are new to the knowledge of the existence of the Algarve, we thought to make an article right at the beginning of the year to start you off with a basic idea of what the region of the Algarve is all about, before you dive into some of our other articles about different destinations in the region.

We’ve talked about, and most likely we’ll continue to talk about the wonderful weather, beaches and culture of the Algarve in the future, but today we’ll focus on things that are less obvious, although just as popular once you get there.

Algarve as a winter destination

algarve as a winter destination

Not many people consider the Algarve as a winter destination, and that’s a very simple mistake to be made, after all the Algarve is great in the summer right?

Well while in the summer its high temperatures and warm waters definitely attract the most of its visitors, one should also be aware that during the winter season, while most of Europe is encased in rain, snow or ice, or all of them, the Algarve is still wonderfully sunny.

Visiting the Algarve during autumn and winter breaks

visiting the algarve

We talk a lot about how wonderful of a holiday destination the Algarve is during the warm seasons, however today we’ll look a bit into visiting the Algarve during autumn and winter breaks, the decidedly not-so warm seasons.

The Algarve is amongst those holiday destinations that is popular not only during the summer but also during the winter, and that is due to quite a few reasons, one of them being the fact that it is located firmly on the European continent – which makes it relatively easier to visit from within the continent, and the fact that it features a lot of golf courses – but more on that later.

Lagoa guide

Poches - Lagoa municipality

The small and peaceful town of Lagoa, Portugal is considered by many to be the wine capital of the Algarve.

The history of this once tiny hamlet isn’t very well known till around the middle of the 13th century when the Moors conquered it and placed it under the control of the larger nearby Silves. The hamlet later become an official town, only for it to be mostly destroyed during the earthquake of 1755. however the settlement continued on, becoming an administrative town in the area which lived off agriculture, in the past. This is a very short Lagoa guide, meant to give you a better idea of the place’s history as well as present.

One of the main attractions of modern-day Lagoa comes from the start of the 19th century when the parish church was inaugurated, however there’s an older church, the Igreja de Misericordia which dates to the middle of the 18th century. The parish church features a very pleasant Baroque facade which is enhanced during the months of May and June when the surrounding jacaranda trees blossom. There also a war memorial erected nearby which pays tribute to the Lagoan soldiers who fell during the African colonial wars.

Portugal – Popular holiday destination for good reasons

Dona Ana beach Lagos Portugal image

Portugal is such a popular tourist destination for many reasons

One of the main reasons why Portugal is such a popular holiday destination is its absolutely wonderful climate. The average summer temperature hovers around thirty degrees Centigrade and while that may not sound like anything special since in the summertime it’s hot in most temperate zones and most of Europe.