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Algarve is full of summer fun


While some of the major summer events have either concluded or are underway as you read this, the Algarve still has a bunch of great weather in front of it and some great events to go with it, so here’s a quick look at what you can expect from the region in the following weeks if you haven’t decided on going there yet.

Ferragudo guide


As part of our Ferragudo guide we’ll start by telling you that to get here from Faro on the EN123 you have to take the turn just before Portimao Bridge, thus you’ll be reaching this western Algarvian ‘Cornish’ town.

Guia guide


At just four kilometers away from the more better-known town of Albufeira lies the small village of Guia, and this is our Guia guide meant to bring a bit of awareness about this small dot on the map of the Algarve region.

Mexilhoeira Grande trip


Today we’ll be heading to a city close-by to the much better-known Portimao, namely we’ll be going on a quick Mexilhoeira Grande guide to talk about the particular attractions of this village.

Pera guide


Those of you planning to check out the various locations in Central Algave, this Pera guide is meant to give you a bit of an idea about what to expect from this small village. Pera falls under the administration of the district of Silves and there is very little known about the village’s history, its name deriving from the Latin word for pear, ‘piro’.

Algarve beaches get high rankings from travelers

Algarve beaches

This is something well-known by those who are in the know, but it’s always good to know that Algarve beaches are continually appreciated by those who visit them.