Mexilhoeira Grande trip


Today we’ll be heading to a city close-by to the much better-known Portimao, namely we’ll be going on a quick Mexilhoeira Grande guide to talk about the particular attractions of this village.

The village is located on top of a hill and overs some great views over both the river and Portimao, so amateur photographers might want to give it a look just for this reason alone. The place is also the site of several archaeological finds, so those interested in the local culture and history shouldn’t miss it.

Those who are fans of seafood will thoroughly enjoy the Algarve, for certain, but Mexilhoeira’s past is deeply steeped in oysters, clams and mussels which are harvested from the mud flaps in the marshland below it. Entering the village will have you climbing a gentle slope with bronze statues of well-known locals greeting you on your way up.

The village has a very strong community spirit built up around its roots, and this is publicly demonstrated by the many tiled benches on which people rest that can be found outside one of the smaller village chapels. A large church graces the top of the village, its surroundings too feature seating areas which are usually occupied by locals chatting in the late afternoons. From this point in the village you can also snap some great panoramas of the river and the coast but don’t forget to take note of the 18th century church doorways.

The village is small but it has quite a few good restaurants offering some great traditional fare for lower prices than Portimao. There are also several bars dotted around the place and there’s a mini market as well.

You might also want to consider visiting it for the local temperature because the village is a little cooler in the summer thanks to a breeze coming from the coast and settling throughout its narrow roads and one-way streets.

With some Algarve car rental services you can easily check the place out on a day-trip or more.