Algarve destinations – Aljezur village


Looking into some of the smaller Algarve destinations that you can mark down on your travel calendar, today we’ll be talking about Aljezur village.

Most likely the first thing that you’ll notice about this village when you approach it from the East on the N120 will be the long high street which continues over the bridge to the other half of the town.

The village is divided into two by the river, and interestingly enough it didn’t develop this way naturally. It was in fact the idea of a Bishop in the mid-18th century to move the town across the river in order to stop the malaria that had caused many deaths. However not everyone could afford to move their home and belongings, and as such they stayed in the old part of town.

On the left hand of the bridge you’ll find a small undercover market where you can get fresh fish as well as other produce – as with most other open markets in the Algarve it is only open till about 1PM.

The tourist office might confuse you a bit, it looks like a shop and it is located in the high street, but it will supply you with a free map of the town as well as some literature about the castle.

Going up towards the castle is very worth-while, considering that it offers some great views of the new town, as well as a small museum. Those who love hiking can actually hike up to the castle ruins which have no admission fee. You can also easily drive up to the ruin, and that’s just one point where our Algarve car rental services come into play.

Those of you who are on a budget will not want to miss the Hostel located just before the bridge, very popular with young backpackers.

The old part of the village has a decent number of bars and restaurants, so you shouldn’t neglect it while on your trip there.