Algarve destinations – Algoz village

algarve destinations - algoz village

Algoz village may not be amongst the Algarve destinations that you might have heard of, despite it being located pretty much in the middle of the region, in the district of Silves, at just seven kilometers north east of the better known town of Armacao de Pera.

Algoz hosts several events each year however, your best bet is to show up during monthly market day, because it is the largest in Central Algarve.

The village takes its name from an Arabic word which itself is derived from the name of an Asian tribe which dates back to the 12th century. Despite its current spelling, it was seen on maps as recent as the 18th Century as Algos.

The Algarve experience that you’ll be enjoying if you were to visit Algoz will be quite different than the ones that you’ll experience on the coast’s resorts; the small village has two banks as well as a solid selection of shops and a daily fish, meat and fruit market that is open until 1PM, so it’s a great destination for self catering individuals. Even non self-catering individuals will find it easy and cheap to eat in Algoz, the village has around ten restaurants, and most of them are dish-of-the-day type restaurants, where a three course meal with wine will cost you very little. Keep in mind that the restaurants tend to get busy with locals between midday to 3PM.

Simply walking through the village will allow you to see houses boasting some very elaborate stone carvings on parapet walls and round windows, thus showing that the village used to be inhabited by merchants in the past. You can find old oil presses and stone thoughts along the grass verges and there was also a public open air laundry which was closed in the 1990s.

The village centre features a very picturesque church with a clock tower and a cockerel weather vein.

Reaching Algoz, or other Algarve destinations, shouldn’t be difficult, with the help of our Algarve car rental services it can only be a few minutes distance from Armacao de Pera.