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Albufeira campaing underway on cliff dangers


For those of you thinking that the main dangers of visiting Albufeira revolved around getting sun burn, getting a bit lost, or maybe in the worse-case-scenario you’d get something stolen, then you should add the possibility of a cliff falling either on you, or from beneath your feet.

Local journalists to see Algarve hidden gems


We’ve been talking a fair bit about the economic troubles that the Algarve is going through in the recent couple of years and the need for the region to be rebranded somewhat to outside tourist to mean more than just golf and beaches.

Algarve historic sites (part 1)


We only rarely focus our attention on the many Algarve historic sites that can be seen and visited in this region, usually we talk more about beaches and festivals, but today we’ll change that with a quick look at some of the historic sites that you can find while on your Algarve trip.

Algarve in the off-season – September and October

Algarve off-season

People don’t talk about Algarve in the off-season as much as they should, I mean we did talk about Algarve in the winter season a while back, but that only scratches the surface of the great experience that one will have if they go to the Algarve in the off-season.

Actually the months of September and October are some of the best months to visit the Algarve – because during these months the average temperatures tend to hover around the mid to high 20’s, in the shade, so it will still be hot by pretty much most standards.

Silves attractions – Silves castle


The Algarve town of Silves is one place that maybe not so many have heard about, it is quite well-known to those who have already been to the region, but for those who think of the Algarve as just great beaches and coastal resorts, the Silves attractions are there to provide some nice contrast.

As opposed to most other potential visiting places that you’ll find in the Algarve, Silves is set on the banks of the Arade River, a charming town peppered with orange and lemon trees and deeply steeped in history.

Algarve winter vacations

Algarve winter vacations

Algarve winter vacations are definitely a thing, because even during the coldest and harshest of ice storms in the temperate areas of Europe, the Algarve is still at least balmy, maybe not worthy of shorts, but definitely a warm destination.

The Algarve has long been a winter destination for many British holiday makers, but as global awareness of the region has increased, the region has started to see visitor from other parts of Europe visiting its beaches and waters during the winter season, because it is a relatively close-by destination.