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Top 5 things to do in Algarve- part 2


The Algarve, in southern Portugal, is a special location since it has 150 kilometers of coastline that faces the Atlantic Ocean. The area is one of the most developed tourist destinations in all of Europe and offers the ideal blend of natural beauty and historic legacy.
The Algarve, which is frequently mistakenly referred to as Portugal’s “mass tourism” zone, yet has a wealth of choices for a vacation rich in both culture and nature.

Discover the traditions and events from Algarve in December!


The Algarve is the ideal location in Europe for a winter vacation. The stunning Algarve region in southern Portugal welcomes guests with breathtaking vistas, countless beaches, charming coastal towns and unique festivals and events.
For those wishing to get away from the cold during the winter, this sun-kissed region of southern Portugal is a great choice.
Blissfully quiet beaches, peaceful hiking trails, staggering cliffs, colorfully tiled fishing villages, and breathtaking landscapes are only some of the things you can expect from Algarve in winter.
If you’re looking for European winter sun, Algarve is the place to be! Enjoy the amazing December festivals with your family and friends in Algarve!

Discover Algarve’s rare hidden gems- part 2


Welcome to the wonderful Portugal, the place where Christmas is the absolute expression of joy, peace, celebration and gratefulness.
Portugal has its own Christmas celebrations, a traditional Christmas in Portugal usually takes place on the 24th December, the day where many families and friends gather to celebrate the “Consoada” feast, where they exchange gifts and enjoy delicious dishes, such as Bacalhau (codfish) and Bolo Rei, which is the Portuguese version of a Christmas cake.

Algarve is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal, where you have so many treasures to discover and so many locations to admire and enjoy. This is the most wonderful time of the year to visit Algarve, due to all the sparkling special festivities, the heart warming customs and traditions and the welcoming people which will definitely amaze you and win your heart.

Situated to the west of Algarve, Carvoeiro is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Algarve. Originally a fishing village, Carvoeiro is now a very popular destination with a wide range of visitors and it’s considered to be one of the most remarkable destinations with the most picturesque beaches.
Algar Seco, Carvoeiro, is famous for the Carvoeiro boardwalk, a picturseque cliff top starting from Nossa Senhora da Encarnacao fort until the Algar Seco rock formation. This destination is the accurate definition of an astonishing, cheeerful and abolutely breathtaking afternoon together with your family and friends.

For history enthusiasts and lovers, an extraordinary attractive location in Algarve is Alcoutim, an almost unchanged village which preserves its authenticity and ancient charm, situated on the banks of the river Guadiana. The steep cobbled streets seem to lead to the riverside through a mix of low, whitewashed cottages and little squares.
Although it has lost the walls that for centuries surrounded it, and despite some modern constructions, Alcoutim’s steep and narrow streets still maintain much of the calm atmosphere, typical of an algarvian hill town.
This incredibly enchanting location is worth visiting especially in the holiday season, you will definitely find it exceptionnally magical.

Salema is situated on one of the most unspoilt coastal regions of Algarve, the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina Natural Park.
Situated at the top of a cove that features magnificent rock formations and a beautiful sandy beach that is lined with the old houses that formed the original village, this location is as both scenic and tranquil – the ideal place to take unforgettable strolls and to simply seize the moment.
Another charming aspect about this place resides in Praia da Salema, where you will find gold and orange limestone cliffs typical of Algarve. Some of the oldest sections actually date to the Lower Cretaceous period, so they’re around 150 million years old!

There are a lot of activities and events around Algarve during Christmas holidays, from festive concerts and parades to nativity scene.
Come and enjoy this special holiday in Algarve, Portugal, with your family and friends, surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes and unique atmosphere, always counting on Faro Low Cost Transfers and Lagos Car Hire, which provide excellent transfers and car rental services, whenever you need!

Top 10 river beaches to discover this summer

portugal beach


Do you know where the best Portuguese river beaches are? We have gathered a top 10 of guarded beaches to meet you this summer. The hundreds of kilometers of sand on the Portuguese coast attract most tourists. But the interior of the country holds unexpected secrets for visitors seeking to escape the confusion of the coastline – river beaches yet to be discovered.Portugal has hundreds of river beaches, many of them with Blue Flag recognition that guarantees the quality of water, sand and infrastructure to bathers. In addition, there are several beaches, that besides the excellent conditions they offer, are supervised by teams of lifeguards.

1. Loriga – Seia

Exactly in the Natural Park of the Serra da Estrela, there is a sanctuary for nature lovers. A place of impressive beauty, the Loriga River Beach is located in the Loriga Glacier Valley.With the promise of offering pure and crystalline waters in a preserved environment, it has good support infrastructures and enables the practice of various adventure activities and walks.

2. Estorãos – Lima Bridge

Next to the Roman bridge over the river Estorãos, in the heart of a charming village of Minho, thereis the Estorãos River Beach. Watched by the Serra de Arga, this beach invites you to enjoy a romantic place, in the middle of nature, on a bank of clear waters.

3. Adaúfe

On the banks of the Rio Cávado, the Adaúfe River Beach has an extension of about 200 meters, which includes a sandy area and a wide ridge, with accessible pedestrian paths.On the beach there are excellent conditions for the practice of activities such as volleyball, canoeingor extreme sports. It has support infrastructure that includes jumping board, fitness park and snack park, with tables and barbecues.In Adaúfe it is also possible to rent seagulls, which will help to create unforgettable memories.

4. Alamal Beach – Gavião

Situated in a stunning setting on the banks of the Tejo River, there is the River Beach of Quinta do Alamal. The beach is part of a leisure complex that, in addition to the infrastructures to support the bathing area, also includes an Adventure Center.The Center offers activities such as rappel, slide, boat trips and canoe. There is also a wooden walkway that runs along the river, between the beach and the Belver bridge, with excellent points for observing flora and fauna.From Belver Castle, at the top of the hill, you can observe Alamal beach and, who is enjoying sunbathing, can also indulge in the charms of the green hill, which contrasts perfectly with the waters of the Tagus.

5. Vimieiro – Penacova

In the middle of the River Alva, there is the Fluvial Beach of Vimieiro, which provides tranquility and rest for those looking for it.It is located in the complex of the schist villages and it is possible, on the hillside, to observe the schist houses, a water mill and a river wheel, offering a picturesque touch to the surrounding area.In addition to having surveillance, it is a river beach of the Blue Flag. It also allows you to rent sunbeds, awnings and boats without a motor, for a walk on the river.

6. Fraga da Pena – Arganil

Inserted in the Protected Area of Serra do Açor, in the heart of Mata da Margaraça, there is an idyllic panorama, where the water makes its way through the vegetation, up to a magnificent waterfall over 20 meters high.The River Beach of Fraga da Pena comes from a geological accident, which is noted by the sound of water falling. It is the portrait of an encounter with nature, which remains untouched by man.

7. Ribeira da Venda – Gavião

Located about 1 kilometer from the village of Comenda, 70 kilometers from Spain, the Ribeira da Venda River Beach surprises with the freshness and green spaces, both of grass and trees.There are several bridges that cross the site, such as an old Roman arch bridge, overlapping its spring waters.The beach offers several infrastructures, such as the picnic area with barbecue grills, the snack bar and restaurant with terrace, the children’s playground, a children’s pool, a fitness circuit, a skate park and changing rooms.

8. Pego das Pias

Between S. Luís and Odemira, the Pego de Pias River Beach is located to the north of the parish of S. Salvador, between S. Luís and Odemira. This place invites nature lovers in, attracting them to a place of extreme beauty, untouchable by the hand of man.Located in isolation between rocks, it finds the origin of its name in the circular cavities of these. The cavities were formed by swirls that existed when the water level was higher than the current one. This force gave rise to cavities called sinks.It promises tranquility and calm to anyone looking for this nook, which seems lost among the beauties of Portugal.

9. Portagem – Marvão

Within the Leisure Center is the Fluvial Beach of Portagem, with its swimming pools that attract notonly Portuguese, but Spanish, especially on hot summer days.It offers several outdoor pools, one of which is for children and the other is fluvial, on the River Sever. This offers unqualified views of Castelo do Marvão, one of the region’s ex-libris.The river beach has recently been refurbished and offers, on one of its banks, a lawn and an area with tables and benches.The Portagem Leisure Center also has an amphitheater, a sports center, a playground, a restaurant / bar, space for exercising, among others.

10. Fragas de São Simão – Figueiró dos Vinhos

A 15-minute walk from the Village of Casal de São Simão, lies the River Beach Fragas de São Simão. Bathed by the water of the Alge stream, on the way to Zêzere, it offers an unforgettable fragrance thanks to the presence of laurels and cork oaks around.The water is so clear that you can see the rocks at the bottom and the landscapes of the area take anyone to a magnificent setting, of undeniable beauty.The river beach is between two imposing fragas where climbing, abseiling and slide are practiced. The smaller stones are used as a place for sunbathing or as diving boards.

From August 1 to 31, there is, as a rule, a free transport that takes the route from Figueiró dos Vinhos to the river beach, inthe afternoon.

Come and visit these beautiful places, you will definitely fall in love with them!

Faro’s enchanting places


The summer is still young and there are plenty of places to visit and many things to enjoy, so take advantage of the beautiful weather and visit the beautiful city of Faro.

Faro is a municipality and the southernmost city and seat of the district of the same name, in the Algarve region of southern Portugal.

Going to the beach in October


Going to the beach in October just might sound like a crazy idea for most parts in the world, but it is a sweet reality for the Portuguese, who enjoy a long, warm and mild autumn with temperatures well above the average European ones.

So you can actually still enjoy a few days basking in the mild sun and walking on the lukewarm sand of the Algarve.