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Christmas customs in Portugal

Christmas customs in Portugal

The Algarve is preparing to celebrate the most important holiday in the Christian calendar, so we thought it might be interesting to learn a bit about some of the Christmas customs in Portugal.

The world’s most generous Christmas shoppers

The world’s most generous Christmas shoppers

Since time immemorial, the winter season has been a time to bring people together and to make them express their warm feelings through gift-making. Before Christmas, the ancient pagans celebrated the Saturnalia and the Kalendae, at which time they offered sacrifices to the gods and even exchanged gifts (generally, the rich gave food and tokens to the poor). Today, gifts are a primordial part of Christmastime in the Western world.

Algarve’s new “look” – a short history of architecture (Part 2)

Algarve’s new “look” - a short history of architecture (Part 2)

Welcome back, dear reader! Last time, we had started talking about Algarve’s new “look” – a short history of architecture took us through time and history from the dawns of Roman rule to the medieval Moorish conquest. As promised, here it is: the history of the architecture of this part of Portugal.

Portugal – Popular holiday destination for good reasons

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Portugal is such a popular tourist destination for many reasons

One of the main reasons why Portugal is such a popular holiday destination is its absolutely wonderful climate. The average summer temperature hovers around thirty degrees Centigrade and while that may not sound like anything special since in the summertime it’s hot in most temperate zones and most of Europe.

Porto – Having a fun time in Porto, Portugal

Porto - Portugal image

Popular Portugal

Portugal is a very popular tourist destination amongst Europeans and Brits especially, but oftentimes most of the attention is directed at the southern region of the Algarve as that is the most popular, but the northern regions shouldn’t be overlooked when planning a trip there. The city of Porto for instance, is located in the north of the country and is a rather interesting tourist destination for several reasons.

Car hire services benefits for your holiday


An increasing number of people are choosing car hire services when they go on holiday

When traveling is on your mind, whether you plan on doing it for leisure or business purposes, transportation is an important factor to consider. Of course getting to your destination will most likely imply flying there, although that’s not necessarily always true, however once your reach your destination you will still need to move about the town, city or resort.