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Discover Algarve’s enchanting locations!


Welcome to Algarve, one of the most attractive sunny places from Portugal, adorned with lovely hot sands, crystal clear waters and amazing vibrating atmosphere!
Blessed with a marvelous coastline and some of the country’s loveliest beaches, the province enjoys hot dry summers and short mild winters. Warm sea temperatures and gentle winds add to its allure.

New Lagos licensing restrictions might hurt tourism


New Lagos licensing restrictions are about to come into effect in a very odd move from mayor Barroso; these restrictions will cover Lagos and its surroundings and this is surely to negatively impact the businesses in the region.

Lagos and the region surrounding it is currently a top nightlife destination for tens of thousands of holiday makers, however the regional council has recently decided to close all of its bars at midnight.

Algarve history travel guide 4

Algarve history travel guide

For Faro, we’re straying off the coast on our Algarve history travel guide by taking a detour to inland Loule.

The town features a couple of interesting monuments, including the home and a monument dedicated to the man who changed much of the face of Portugal – Duarte Pacheco. His monument at the top of the Avenida 25 de Abril reflects Pacheco’s commitment to modernize the architecture of Salazar’s Portugal. The place also features a castle – as most of the Algarve destinations feature one sort of fortification or another – however Loule also has a salt mine that you can visit which has some huge galleries from 230 to 270 metres long that will sometimes house art exhibitions.

Lagos Travel Guide


Lagos, Portugal

The city of Lagos, Portugal has had a very long and chequered history. Thanks to its large natural harbour the area has been settled and inhabited for many thousands of years, starting with the Phoenicians, then the Carthaginians, then of course the Romans and following them the Moors. Due to its important geographical location and harbour it acted as the capital of the Algarve region for about two hundred years between the 16th and the 18th century until it was severely damaged during the 1755 earthquake which caused the government to move its seat to nearby Faro.

Algarve Holiday in Albufeira, Lagos and Silves seaside cities

Lagos grotto sea view

If you are one of the 10 million people that visit us every year, and if you don’t know where to start your journey from, you can be sure that there is someone thinking of you. We recommend three tourist resorts: Albufeira, Lagos and Silves.

Albufeira is one of the most attractive tourist resorts in Europe, being a peaceful and hospitable town, in spite of its tumultuous history. Because it was established near two thousand years ago, nowadays you can find here a perfect blend of gorgeous ancient and modern architecture, and a refined combination of beautiful nature and luxurious buildings. It is both a popular and universal resort, having a long beach and a wide variety of entertainment options, from museums and art galleries to nightlife clubs.

Lagos grotto sea viewLagos is one of the most impressive locations due to its attractive beaches and ancient buildings, and it offers amazing shopping opportunities. The oldest building is

around 550 years old and was constructed as a slave market. The town is well known for its famous statues such as the Sculpture of Dom Sebastiao or the Statue of Algarve’s

Saint Sao Goncalo de Lagos, and the city center is a place for various cultural events held all the year round. If you like yachting or water activities, since Lagos is the main port of Algarve region, you should visit the Marina where you can rent a boat or a yacht.


Silves is famous for its fascinating landscapes and for its ancient castle dating back to the Roman times, and also for the ancient culture on which it was built. There are

several important attractions: the Archaeological Museum which has an exposition of items that date back to the Stone Age, the stone bridge Ponte Romana, the statue of

Largo dos Martires and the 13th century cathedral.

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