Discover the traditions and events from Algarve in December!


The Algarve is the ideal location in Europe for a winter vacation. The stunning Algarve region in southern Portugal welcomes guests with breathtaking vistas, countless beaches, charming coastal towns and unique festivals and events.
For those wishing to get away from the cold during the winter, this sun-kissed region of southern Portugal is a great choice.
Blissfully quiet beaches, peaceful hiking trails, staggering cliffs, colorfully tiled fishing villages, and breathtaking landscapes are only some of the things you can expect from Algarve in winter.
If you’re looking for European winter sun, Algarve is the place to be! Enjoy the amazing December festivals with your family and friends in Algarve!

1. Christmas in Lagos 2022- December 1st to January 6th | Location: several streets in Lagos
The Camara de Lagos organizes different Christmas activities in the city’s streets to celebrate the holidays while you’re on vacation in the Algarve. Even though this event seems only be for children, adults can also experience the enchantment of Christmas. From December 3 to December 24, go to Aldeia do Natal in Praça do Infante to see the fabled Santa Claus. Allow the kids to daydream while they listen to the city library’s promoted reading of Christmas stories in the same location. On this court, workshops on face painting, balloon modeling, creation of nativity scenes, badges, puppets and much more will also delight the youngest on Rua Portas de Portugal.

2. Grupo Coral de Lagos- December 22th| Location: Igreja de Santa Maria
The Grupo Coral de Lagos and its children’s choir will spread magic this Christmas season, taking advantage of the moment to appeal to the most supportive side of each one in raising donations for the restoration of the pipe organ of the Church of Santa Maria.

3. The Nativity scene
Portugal genuinely has a unique Christmas spirit. One such instance is nativity scenes (presépios), which are becoming less common in Northern Europe.
Nativity scenes are very popular in Portugal. Around Christmas, you may find them all around Portugal, frequently by the side of the road close to roundabouts. A common sight in many Portuguese cities are live nativity scenes, in which participants dress as members of the Christmas tale.

4. The Consoada
The Consoada, or Christmas feast, is served on the evening of December 24. The most traditional option for Christmas supper is likely bacalhau, the national cuisine of Portugal. However, octopus is also popular in the Algarve and in the country’s north.
Bolinhos de Bacalhau and Rissóis de Camaro, two fish-based salgados, are expected to be the starters.
Despite being a Catholic, it is not unexpected that bacalhau is consumed at Christmas because the Portuguese adore it. The delicious bacalhau recipe used for Christmas, Bacalhu de Consoada, is unexpected.

5. New Year’s Eve in Lagos- December 31st to January 1st | Location: Praça do Infante
Why not start the year off on the right foot by the sea and in a festive atmosphere? Gather all your friends and family and enter 2023 celebrating life. On this special night there will be party, music and entertainment all night long at Praça do Infante, in the center of Lagos. The Portuguese band The Gift will perform with the usual great songs and at midnight watch the sky to watch a light and color show with the usual fireworks. Start planning your New Year’s Eve as soon as possible.

Winter events in the Algarve may not mean beaches and long sunny days, but there is so much to discover about Europe’s best kept secret that the days will seem very short. Take advantage of the upcoming festive season and spend memorable days at the events in the Algarve with your family and friends, always relying on Lagos Car Hire for car rentals, which provides hassle-free and high quality services for amazing experiences and trips!