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Discover the traditions and events from Algarve in December!


The Algarve is the ideal location in Europe for a winter vacation. The stunning Algarve region in southern Portugal welcomes guests with breathtaking vistas, countless beaches, charming coastal towns and unique festivals and events.
For those wishing to get away from the cold during the winter, this sun-kissed region of southern Portugal is a great choice.
Blissfully quiet beaches, peaceful hiking trails, staggering cliffs, colorfully tiled fishing villages, and breathtaking landscapes are only some of the things you can expect from Algarve in winter.
If you’re looking for European winter sun, Algarve is the place to be! Enjoy the amazing December festivals with your family and friends in Algarve!

Car hire services benefits for your holiday


An increasing number of people are choosing car hire services when they go on holiday

When traveling is on your mind, whether you plan on doing it for leisure or business purposes, transportation is an important factor to consider. Of course getting to your destination will most likely imply flying there, although that’s not necessarily always true, however once your reach your destination you will still need to move about the town, city or resort.