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Events in Algarve in November and December

The ABC’s of planning a successful trip to the Algarve

If you are planning to make a great trip in November/December to the wonderful Algarve you will definetely want to know this awesome events that are taking place here.

Algarve Fairs and markets in November 2014

Algarve Fairs and markets in November 2014

More sunny happy days are in store for the coming weeks, and the Portuguese know how to enjoy them best with the best Algarve Fairs and markets in November 2014.

Best Algarve Events for the Summer of 2014

Best Algarve Events for the Summer of 2014

The endless summer, the mirage of the ocean and the exotic charm of the seaside resorts, coupled with the Portuguese sense of melancholy make the Algarve an amazing place for all those looking for an unforgettable adventure, and here are some suggestions of best Algarve events for the summer of 2014.

Environmentalists look to stop Algarve olive grove plantation


Almargem – an environmental association – has asked authorities to prevent a project from starting which would involve the plantation of an allegedly organic Algarve olive grove on protected land in Vale da Ribeira da Fonte da Benemola, in Querenca the Loule district.

Albufeira campaing underway on cliff dangers


For those of you thinking that the main dangers of visiting Albufeira revolved around getting sun burn, getting a bit lost, or maybe in the worse-case-scenario you’d get something stolen, then you should add the possibility of a cliff falling either on you, or from beneath your feet.

Albufeira increases beach season duration


It appears that Albufeira increases beach season duration in their try to minimize the effects of seasonality.

We tend to talk quite a bit about the idea of seasonality on this blog, and in relation to it about the various hardships that the region of the Algarve has been going through in the past couple of years. Economic downturns influence pretty much any industry, with some being more affected than others, and it is a widely known fact that tourism is one of the industries that gets hit the worst.