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How tourists are starting to explore Portugal


The way in which tourists approach visiting the country on the whole directly affects how they will approach visiting the Algarve, and it appears that the trend is going towards tourists traveling solo and staying with friends.

Almost 9 in 10 Portuguese holidayed in Portugal in 2013


A recent study has found that 86% of Portuguese opted to spend their holidays in Portugal in 2013, in places not that far from where they live.

The 2013 Portimao Sardine Festival


The famous Portimao Sardine Festival will be taking place between the 1st and 11th of August. The 2013 Portimao Sardine Festival will see its return to the city’s riverside area after a rather dismal experience last year when it was held in the Expo Arade centre.

Odiaxere guide


We like to make it our business to talk about the entire region of the Algarve, not just the extra popular destinations or towns and as such this is our Odiaxere guide.

Lagos to celebrate 440 years since city status


Lagos will be very soon commemorating 440 years since gaining its city status, time in which the Town Hall is organizing a bunch of activities including a tourist seminar, a guided tour and a book launch next week.

According to a statement released by the Lagos Town hall, the elevation of Lagos to city status is considered one of the most significant moments in local history because it was a clear recognition of the importance that the port town garnered.

Algarve as a winter destination

algarve as a winter destination

Not many people consider the Algarve as a winter destination, and that’s a very simple mistake to be made, after all the Algarve is great in the summer right?

Well while in the summer its high temperatures and warm waters definitely attract the most of its visitors, one should also be aware that during the winter season, while most of Europe is encased in rain, snow or ice, or all of them, the Algarve is still wonderfully sunny.