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Castro Marim, a short adventure

Castro Marim, a short adventure

Summer in the Algarve is glorious. If you are already there, you should be trying to enjoy it to the full, every single second. But in the great cities, after a while, one can get a bit weary of the whole crowd and hustle and bustle. To all those, here’s an open invitation to Castro Marim, a short adventure.

Algarve is full of summer fun


While some of the major summer events have either concluded or are underway as you read this, the Algarve still has a bunch of great weather in front of it and some great events to go with it, so here’s a quick look at what you can expect from the region in the following weeks if you haven’t decided on going there yet.

Protests continue against A22 tolls


We’ve been reporting constantly about the very vocal protests against the A22 tolls that have been taking place before and ever since these were implemented, and today is one such other day.

There’s gold to be had in Guadiana…maybe


Apparently Guadiana might be the home of a minor gold rush in the future seeing as how a company has applied for prospecting right for gold and other precious metals along the banks of the Guadiana River.

Castro Marim basic guide

castro marim guide

Situated at the eastern edge of the Algarve, Castro Marim is the last town before the Spanish border, and approaching it one will see its majestic castle almost calling to visitors.

The town is surrounded and imbued in rich history, having been long associated with the Knights Templar. Castro Marim organizes a very large monthly market, on the second Saturday of every month – this is where you can find a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as hams, local cheeses and honey, not to mention there’s also an antiques market held on the same days in Vila Real St. Antonio.

Algarve history travel guide

Algarve history travel guide

Today we’ll be starting a new series of articles in which we’ll be looking at the Algarve in the form of an Algarve history travel guide, we’ll talk about different locations throughout the region but with an accent on the history of each and the many historic sights that you should visit while on your trip there.

The Algarve is a great place to relax, great beaches, weather, food and drink, but it is also a magnificent area to explore for those who are history enthusiasts. This region has been this wonderful for thousands of years, so one shouldn’t be that surprised to find out that it changed hands between a variety of cultures throughout human civilization including the Romans, Moors, Crusaders, pirates and explorers in general.