How tourists are starting to explore Portugal


The way in which tourists approach visiting the country on the whole directly affects how they will approach visiting the Algarve, and it appears that the trend is going towards tourists traveling solo and staying with friends.

A recent survey lead by the country’s Tourism Board interview 834 tourists from seven countries during the months of August and September of this year and while more than ninety percent of them said that they’d be coming back, the other trends related to their behavior are important to take into account starting as soon as possible.

The reasons why people come to Portugal seems to be the weather with 67 percent of them saying that they would ‘definitely’ come back to Portugal sometime during the next three years, while 27 percent said that they’ll ‘probably’ be back within that same period. A whopping ninety-seven percent of Scandinavian tourists vowed to return to Portugal during this period.

The interesting facts come out when you compare this survey with last year’s and see some rather major changes that have taken place during this past year.

One of the major things that changed is that the interviewed tourists – coming from Spain, France, Brazil, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands – are starting to increasingly travel alone.

Solo travelers made up 16 percent of those asked to take part in the survey, as opposed to last year’s survey which numbered only seven percent in the same category.

Those who traveled with children dropped significantly as well, from 24 percent last year to nine percent this year, while traveling alongside fellow adults was almost the same, actually rising from 70 to 75 percent.

Another trend is that more holidaymakers are staying in the country for free, with friends or family, the number rising from 10 percent last year to 19 percent this year. At the same time villa and apartment rentals have fallen from 27 percent last year to just 12 percent this year.

Another major hike in percentages was seen when tourists said that they were staying at property belonging to them, this was up to six percent from last year’s one percent.

The Algarve and Lisbon are fighting each other amongst the tourism preferences, exchanging the number one stop between each other.