Sagres Bird Watching and visiting in October 2018


If you are already ready for your low season vacation, we have a brilliant suggestion for you: Sagres Bird Watching and visiting in October 2018.

What’s the occasion? The new edition of the Sagres Bird watching festival, which is bound to take place between 4 and 7 October. You might be wondering what that is and if a bird watching event is what is sounds or… and the answer is yes, year after year, bird lovers gather to this part of the lovely Algarve to watch migratory birds flying by in an exotic and wonderful dance. Trust the Portuguese to organize such a gentle and touching event, in honor of nature and the variety of life.

The birds, including hawks, eagles, storks, vultures, falcons and owls, but also an amazing variety of seabirds, are making a last wonderful display before fleeing to the much warmer reams of Africa. A lot of photographers and biologists take a great interest in this event, so they are expected to come to the festival this year as well. They are the experts at work and on holiday here.

But that’s not to say that if you are not necessarily an avid bird watcher or if you have never attended such an event you are less welcome to join the Sagres festival. Quite on the contrary, it’s pretty much “the more, the merrier”, so you can come and see if you like what you see.

How to get to the festival venue? Just book a Faro Airport transfer and the driver will take you there with no delay.

So what is in store for those who enjoy bird watching but also wish to try other activities? Experiences available include bird ringing, field and boat trips, exhibitions and activities meant to entertain kids, diving, paddle boating and surfing, but also dolphin watching and more relaxing activities, such as therapeutic sessions and long walks in nature.