Algarve historic sites (part 1)


We only rarely focus our attention on the many Algarve historic sites that can be seen and visited in this region, usually we talk more about beaches and festivals, but today we’ll change that with a quick look at some of the historic sites that you can find while on your Algarve trip.

Tavira Castle

The current castle was built in the 13th century after the Christina re-conquest of the region, it used to be a Moorish stronghold before that moment, and you can easily understand why once you get there. The stunning panoramic views that it offers of the surrounding countryside means that the defenders in the fortress could see enemy troop movements from afar, nowadays however the place features a wonderful garden inside with shaded benches, how the times have changed.

Roman Ruins in Vilamoura

Vilamoura is the location of a very well-preserved Roman Site with a dedicated Museum meant to privde a great insight into the area’s Roman past. Vilamoura actually started as a Roman fishing town and you can still see the ruins of the baths in which the mariners would bathe.

Roman Ruins in Faro

Staying in the Roman era, Faro is one of the central destinations for Roman-related ruins and history to be found in the Algarve. The old part of the city is actually still surrounded by the Roman walls which date to sometime around the 9th century, however by that time the town would’ve already been occupied by the Moors so that’s a bit odd and interesting at the same time.

Actually most of the Roman ruins in the region aren’t exactly in Faro, but in Estoi, which is a smaller town located at eleven kilometers from Faro. This is where you can find Roman ruins dating from the first and second centuries AD with thermal baths, columns, mosaics, and a very well-preserved villa.

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