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Alcoutim’s new Roman discovery


An international team made up of Austrian and Portuguese archaeologists has unearthed the remains of a Roman ruin thought to date back to the first or second century BC, in the village of Laranjeiras on the banks of the Guadiana River in Alcoutim.

New discoveries at Alcoutim castle


A month of excavations at the Roman ruins of the Castelinho dos Mouros castle – or the Alcoutim castle, as it is known – have surfaced new and exciting discoveries which help to give a more in-depth idea of the place and its function.

Estoi guide


Any Estoi guide has to start with mentioning its location in the Serra do Caldeirao foothills, and also the fact that it is a town that has lots to offer and quite worth the inland trip.

Algarve historic sites (part 1)


We only rarely focus our attention on the many Algarve historic sites that can be seen and visited in this region, usually we talk more about beaches and festivals, but today we’ll change that with a quick look at some of the historic sites that you can find while on your Algarve trip.

Lesser known Algarve destinations

Lesser known Algarve destinations

We usually talk about the major Algarve attractions but today we’ll be taking a look at some lesser known Algarve destinations and locations.


This small town is located at only about ten kilometers from Faro, so easily reachable on any day of your holiday, and it is filled with many examples of traditional Algarvean country architecture.