Lesser known Algarve destinations

Lesser known Algarve destinations

We usually talk about the major Algarve attractions but today we’ll be taking a look at some lesser known Algarve destinations and locations.


This small town is located at only about ten kilometers from Faro, so easily reachable on any day of your holiday, and it is filled with many examples of traditional Algarvean country architecture.

This is a great place for those who are interested in historical sites and Estoi will not disappoint in this regard. You’ll find an old palace with an amazing façade which also features some very picturesque old-style gardens.

Nearby you will find some Roman ruins dating from the first century, a very interesting place however make sure you don’t go there on a public holiday because it will be closed.

Sao Bras de Alportel

This is the definition of a market town, very well to do, located at about ten kilometers from Estoi, set in a wonderful almond growing area. In order to enjoy the area to its maximum you should try to visit from December to early March because that’s when the trees blossom.

The town has a very quaint 15th century parish Church, featuring a wonderful façade and a great bell tower – featuring some great carving on their inside. The panoramic view from the terrace is quite stunning indeed. The building near the church used to be the bishops’ palace and it features a domed pavilion and a rather elaborate fountain.


Yet another market town – you’ll find quite a few of these while exploring the Algarve – this is a quite busy place, especially on Saturday mornings. However don’t be mislead by the town’s outskirts, which are very modern, you need to head into the centre to see the old town.

One of the main points of interest should be the picturesque cobbled street of Rua 9 de Abril where you will find crafts workshops where traditional artisans make all sorts of useful things.

You should also check out the Rua Garcia de Horta and if you’re visiting on a hot day, the Jardim dos Amuados.

These are just three of the several lesser known Algarve destinations which you can reach with something as simple as our Algarve car rental services.