Portimao tourist attractions


Today we’ll be talking about Portimao tourist attraction, a subject that we haven’t really touched upon yet.

Portimao is one of the largest towns in the Algarve, alongside the likes of Olhao, or the capital Faro. As opposed to most other Algarve locations, Portimao does not get most of its revenue from tourism activities, instead it acts as more of a headquarters for those who want to visit the various nearby tourist resorts, however there are things to be done in Portimao as well.

Portimao offers some great shopping opportunities in its center, so that’s of interest to a certain percentage of visitors of course, but there are also a few attractions in town as well, such as the old iron bridge in the north of the city.

As far as the atmosphere in the city goes, Portimao is quite the lively town, even if it is not a tourist resort. You’ll find a lot of small eating places, family businesses and a lot of great seafood dishes – which are to be expected in the region.

It’s not a town known for monuments or museums, but that doesn’t necessarily make it less worthy of some exploration. It’s smaller than Faro, but similarly to the capital it’s also a working city pretty much, so the experience that you’ll get here from walking around will differ from that you’ll get from a tourist resort.

Lunch in Portimao is something to look forward to, of course you can go to a restaurant but in order to get a better feel of the place you should go to the harborside and find a table at one of the smaller eateries. This is where you’ll get some great traditional cooking, chargrilled sardines and the like, not to mention that it won’t be very expensive either.

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