Visiting the Algarve during spring and summer breaks


Visiting the Algarve during spring and summer breaks offers you pretty much unrivalled holiday opportunities for entertainment, culture, great food and drink and of course sun, sea and sand.

The sun drenched Atlantic coastline is famous for its wild beauty, featuring miles upon miles of sundrenched beaches, it is for many a great spring and summer destination. In fact most of the Algarve visitors will simply prefer to laze on the soft sands of sheltered coves, soaking up the sun and enjoying a swim or two, in the crystal clear waters of the coast.

However that is not what the region has to offer, not by far, those looking for a more active holiday, or those on a more adventurous streak can pursue a wide range of activities such as fishing, diving, horse-riding, windsurfing, sailing and many-many more. Nature lovers will also be thrilled to visit the region because there are several nature reserves to explore, such as Ria de Albor and Ria Formosa – both of them are paradises for bird-watchers, while those who are interested in wildlife in general can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the forested hills.

You happen to be a golfing enthusiast? Well then you’ll be visiting one of the best places for the sport on the entire surface of the European continent. There are somewhere around thirty top-notch golf courses in the Algarve, which cover the entire range of skill level, so rest assured that whether you’re looking for a challenge or you’re just a beginner, this region will have something ready for you.

Those interested in diving into the local traditions and culture will find exactly what they’re looking for, in the many small Algarve towns and villages that dot the landscape. It should be noted that the main resorts are rather touristy, so for such an experience you’ll want to venture a bit off the very beaten tracks.

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