Guia guide


At just four kilometers away from the more better-known town of Albufeira lies the small village of Guia, and this is our Guia guide meant to bring a bit of awareness about this small dot on the map of the Algarve region.

You may have heard of Guia, but only if you’re a very big foodie, because the place has become quite famous nowadays thanks to its great chicken piri-piri and its local wine. Back in the 16th century when Portugal firs discovered the piri-piri pepper, it became a major trading item with other European countries. The Chicken piri-piri is believed to have started somewhere in Angola and Mozambique, but it is today world-known as one of Portugal’s national dishes, which in turn makes Portugal the biggest consumer of chicken in Europe.

The village features a number of windmills which have played a major role in the past of the region, having been a centre for the milling industry. These have been such an important part of the village that the mill is present on Guia’s coat of arms.

A well preserved windmill can be found on the grounds of the vineyards of Adeva da Cantor – the vineyard of the singer – this being the name Sir Cliff Richard gave to his enterprise, which has produced some award-winning wines in a few very short years.

Guia can be a good pit-stop, featuring a good daily covered market for fish and vegetables – for self caterers – as well as quite a large array of restaurants and café/bars.

For those employing some Algarve car rental services, you’ll be glad to know that the place has lots of parking just off the high street and there are also several ATM machines. For a more relaxed stroll you should stroll around the many back streets to gander at the cottages which feature brightly colored frontages and a couple of bigger houses with carved stone door and window surrounds.