Visiting the Algarve during autumn and winter breaks

visiting the algarve

We talk a lot about how wonderful of a holiday destination the Algarve is during the warm seasons, however today we’ll look a bit into visiting the Algarve during autumn and winter breaks, the decidedly not-so warm seasons.

The Algarve is amongst those holiday destinations that is popular not only during the summer but also during the winter, and that is due to quite a few reasons, one of them being the fact that it is located firmly on the European continent – which makes it relatively easier to visit from within the continent, and the fact that it features a lot of golf courses – but more on that later.

The reason for the region’s popularity during the winter and autumn is mainly due to the fact that even during these seasons the temperatures during the day will rarely go below fifteen Centigrade, but on average it’s usually above that. Considering how in most of the rest of Europe at the same time temperatures during the day are below zero, one can understand the appeal just from that stand-point alone.

While the Atlantic can be a bit on the chilly side of things – although there are always some thrill-seekers who enjoy the colder waters – one can still get quite a few solid hours of sunlight during any given day which will allow for some beach-side lazing.

Going back to the golf for a bit, the Algarve is a well-known destination for golf enthusiasts, it has somewhere in the region of thirty great golf courses which span the entire range of experience. Golfers love engaging in their favorite pass-time at any time of year that’s true, but when they can do it in great circumstances during the winter, well that’s just an extra incentive to visit the region.

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