Loule Carnival theme for 2013 announced

Loule carnival

The Loule Carnival is by far amongst the biggest events across the Algarve, it is definitely the biggest in Loule and the oldest in the region. It usually takes place in February over the course of three days – the third day being Shrove Tuesday and it’s a wonderfully colorful and noisy affair with music, dancing and all-around revelry.

It is reminiscent to a certain extend with the much more famous Brasilian carnivals, with people from all over the region coming to Loule to watch the procession and join in with the festivities in the center streets. In fact the city centre is closed off for the duration of the festivities, entrance to the area costing a few Euros.

The Loule carnival theme for 2013 has just been announced – the theme will once again focus on the ongoing financial woes that the country is going through, the title being “Stuck with the Troika – what a circus”.

This year the Carnival will be held on the 9, 10 and 12 February and it will go along the main Jose da Costa Mealha Avenue.

2013’s theme will continue the satire that visitors have become accustomed with, and the parade will start at 3Pm on each of the three days and will include seventeen decorated floats, as well as entertainers, samba dancers from the various samba schools and stilt walkers.

Complementing the parade, the Loule Town Hall has also announced that it will be organizing several themed balls and parties, as well as other sporting and cultural events all throughout the municipality.

This year especially the organizers are looking to highlight the Carnival not only from the tradition point of view among the local population, but also for its massive touristic component. The Carnival is after all one of the most important events in the region during the winter low season, and considering what we reported just yesterday, it is vitally important for the local economy.

Tickets for the main avenue will cost two Euros per person per day.

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