Silves is getting ready for the Dark Ages


Silves is preparing in earnest for the 10th medieval Fair, a massive 10-day event which takes over the entire city and transforms its streets into a living, breathing medieval town. It’s just about to start on the second of August and it will last till the 11th.

The streets of Silves’ historic centre will be filled to the brim with stalls, tents and decorations, all of these being aided by the sights, sounds and smells to create the particular atmosphere of the famous Medieval Fair.

The Fair is meant to recreate in true-to-life form and function, the period between the first Christian conquest of the city – in 1189 – and the later conquest of the Moors – in 1191.

The Silves Council has been organizing the Fiar for the past decade and this year it will be open every day starting at 6 PM and ending at 1AM – exception being made for Friday – which this year will be open from 6 PM till 2 AM for the first time.

Every day will feature two re-enacted jousting tournaments, all of which imbued with loads of medieval-inspired music and dancing, all of which have become staples of the popular event.

The event promises to take visitors back in time and one cannot argue the fact that it offers a wonderfully unique alternative to the Algarve’s traditional pulls of sea, sand and nightlife.

For those who are so inspired to put on some medieval garb, costumes are available for rent starting at 3 Euros and foodies will simply have to enjoy the chance to sample some authentic medieval foot at the traditional daily banquet which is put on for 40 Euros per person – including drinks and desert.

The main meat dishes will include boar with chestnuts, goose, pheasant, deer with walnuts, partridge, black pig, hog roast and hare stew.

The daily entry fee to the fair costs €2 per person, or €3 for a ten-day pass if you buy it ahead of the event, €4 if you buy it during the event.