Historic hermitage in Lagoa reopens


We talked a bit about Lagoa a while back and we like to return to various Algarve destinations once in a while to update you on major events or festivals that might be taking place there. This is one such occasion because the Santo Antonio hermitage in Mexilhoiera da Carragacao – Lagoa – has reopened after an extensive refurbishment which was undertaken by the Lagoa council.

The chapel re-opened  just in time for the religious celebrations of Patron Saint Santo Antonio, celebrations which take place every year on the 13th of June.

The renovation works cost five thousand euros and were carried out after the local priest – Father Domingos, representative of the Vicariate of Santo Antonio – expressed his ‘grave concerns’ to the Lagoa council in regards to the degraded state of the chapel.

The Lagoa Council considered that the place of worship should be preserved, and as such alongside with the local population the Council invested in technical and financial cooperation with the population to undertake the renovation of this historic monument that is of both cultural and religious importance to the region and the country.

The Santo Antonio Hermitage is located on the highest point in Mexilhoeira da Carregacao, it overlooks Estombar, the Arade River as well as the city of Portimao on the opposite bank. The church has an altarpiece that dates back to the 17th century and features a gracious and simple façade, typical of the traditional, rural Portuguese style.

According to local records, the building was once the home of a local chaplain who lived off donations and alms, but nowadays it opens just once a year, on the 13th of June as part of the Santo Antonio celebrations.