Algarve destinations – Alte village

Alte Algarve

The Algarve destination of Alte village is part of the Loule parish, and is most famous in the country for its natural spring waters that run all throughout the year. This is quite fortunate because the village is set inland and is surrounded by hills, so a source of water would be crucial to its existence.

Getting into the village from the west will have you pass a large car park where you should actually park your car – in case you have a rental vehicle – and then proceed on foot uphill into the village. Employing some form of Algarve car hire service is actually suggested if you wish to explore these lesser  known and smaller locations in the region, but you should be aware that the main road more or less circles this small village.

Despite its size, as we mentioned earlier, the place is quite popular with a variety of travelers and one thing to visit is surely the rather imposing main church which is located on the steep cobbled incline which looks over the village. Near the rather impressive doorway of the church you’ll find a plaque that outlines the church’s history.

The river that crosses through the city is popular with both locals and tourists because it is home to wild ducks and geese. In the area of the bridge you’ll find the fresh running spring water coming out of two clay pipes, make sure to join the locals in filling your bottles of water.

The village has quite a few bars, cafes, restaurants and several shops as well as a supermarket, so it’s quite a great destination for self-catering holidaymakers.

There are also jeep safaris going through the village, but it’s actually a shame to drive through the place since you can only truly enjoy it by going on foot and spending a few days exploring its riches.