Algarve cinemas to re-open before year’s end


Just because you’re on a holiday in the warm and sunny Algarve and that there are tons of things to see and do, doesn’t mean that once cannot get a bit beach-weary and simply want to take in a movie or two. Or maybe there’s a recent superhero-movie release that you’re really interested in seeing and you happen to be on a trip to the region during its release, you’ll still want to watch it, there’s no reason to wait till you get home.

Well that might be a bit of an issue at the present time because quite a few cinemas in the region have been closed for some time, but it has now been confirmed that due to new management, these will be re-opened by the end of 2013.

The management of the Algarve Shopping in Guia and Continente Portimao cinema screen has been taken over by the Brazilian Grupo Orient.

An agreement was reached between Sonae Sierra – the shopping centres’ management company – and film distributor Grupo Orient, for the latter to start managing the cinema halls at the Portimao and Guia centres. Sonae Sierra has confirmed that the cinema screens will be turning on again before the conclusion of 2013.

The issue started back in January this year when the then-distribution company – Socorama Castello-Lopes – closed several cinema screen across the nation, including the ones at Guia and in Portimao, in a cutback that saw dozens of people left jobless.

At the time Sonae Sierra stated that even though they have supported Castello Lopes in order to make their cinema operations viable, the latter allowed for a huge debt to accumulate and has not presented the necessary conditions to make the business viable again. This being the reason why the closure of the cinema screens being inevitable.

So both inhabitants and visitors to the Algarve can look forward to more film-going opportunities in the future.