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A holiday in Lisbon


Lisbon, Portugal’s capital

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, a city located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and set on seven hills, as the legend says. The city is characterized by a particular type of charm which stems mostly from it’s strong links to its past as well as the presence of water as a defining element.

Travel to the Algarve


Are you considering visiting the Algarve by any chance?

Get a quick idea of what you should expect from your holiday trip to the Algarve, the region’s main characteristics, features and attractions, it’s so much more than simply sunny weather and white beaches.

Algarve Holiday in Albufeira, Lagos and Silves seaside cities

Lagos grotto sea view

If you are one of the 10 million people that visit us every year, and if you don’t know where to start your journey from, you can be sure that there is someone thinking of you. We recommend three tourist resorts: Albufeira, Lagos and Silves.

Albufeira is one of the most attractive tourist resorts in Europe, being a peaceful and hospitable town, in spite of its tumultuous history. Because it was established near two thousand years ago, nowadays you can find here a perfect blend of gorgeous ancient and modern architecture, and a refined combination of beautiful nature and luxurious buildings. It is both a popular and universal resort, having a long beach and a wide variety of entertainment options, from museums and art galleries to nightlife clubs.

Lagos grotto sea viewLagos is one of the most impressive locations due to its attractive beaches and ancient buildings, and it offers amazing shopping opportunities. The oldest building is

around 550 years old and was constructed as a slave market. The town is well known for its famous statues such as the Sculpture of Dom Sebastiao or the Statue of Algarve’s

Saint Sao Goncalo de Lagos, and the city center is a place for various cultural events held all the year round. If you like yachting or water activities, since Lagos is the main port of Algarve region, you should visit the Marina where you can rent a boat or a yacht.


Silves is famous for its fascinating landscapes and for its ancient castle dating back to the Roman times, and also for the ancient culture on which it was built. There are

several important attractions: the Archaeological Museum which has an exposition of items that date back to the Stone Age, the stone bridge Ponte Romana, the statue of

Largo dos Martires and the 13th century cathedral.

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Put your worries aside and prepare yourself for the vacation of your dreams.

Best 15 Camping Tips for Beginners

The strategy of outdoor camping to most of you conjures up pictures which may generate you cringe, in particular those of you who possess certainly not camped as a little one or possess heard horror stories from close friends and relatives, and possess unjustly determined never to offer it a fair go.

How considerably action you put into adequately preparing the outdoor camping trip can determine how effective (and pleasurable) the trip could be.  Though some of these duties may seem boring and tiresome, the more often you put these duties into practice the a lot more fun you will possess performing them.

Here we have 15 TIPS  You Must Know Earlier than You Go On Your First Camping holiday:

  • 1.  Collect all the camping hard drives in a nook of a room and keep building to it as you think of it.
  • 2.  Use holder cabinets in your car for simple storage.
  • 3.  Keep the clothes in sports baggage.
  • 4.  Make sure all hefty objects are secure and are loaded at the bottom of your car boot with lighter in weight items on top.
  • 5.  Consider one prepared food in a freezer food that may be easily reheated on arrival at the destination.
  • 6.  Guarantee you have everything you necessity for a drink quit like tea luggage, instantaneous coffee, sugar, condensed whole milk, cordial, powder, biscuits, a two litre bottle of water, satisfies, kettle, wet wipes and tea fabric
  • 7.  If you are going away for a brief trip prepare the hot dishes so which you have a lot more time to chill out at your camp site and take pleasure in yourself.
  • 8.  Stock up on fresh and crisp berries and veggies at every single chance.
  • 9.  List everything you will eat on the variety of days you are away.
  • 10. Retain extras always on give that includes a flower bouquet for desserts and breads, noodles, rice, beans and lentils.
  • 11. Recall long life milk products (two to three cartons of lengthy life milk per day should be sufficient for a family of two youngsters and two parents as a guide).
  • 12. Try tenting in the backyard to see how you sense regarding the tent and sleeping baggage etc.
  • 13. The initially backpacking gear does not have to be expensive.  It is far more essential which it is long lasting and keeps you protected from artificial conditions.  Provide a piece of floor material with you, a piece of plastic material that goes beneath the tent.  Tuck the edges neatly with the tent.  The first issue you need to consider when selecting the tent is the volume ie the number of people your tent is heading to house.
  • 14. Consider cutlery using you which is old and surely won’t be skipped if it doesn’t happen house with you.
  • 15. Retain cutlery separate from crockery by putting them in plastic containers using lids or in a tea towel in a plastic material bag.

All great ideas and tips if you decide to go camping in Algarve where you can choose from many towns like Alvor camping,  that have special places for the camping lovers.

Why Take A Holiday In France

France is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. People from around the globe have found this to be a wonderful place to visit. The following are just some of the reasons why people choose France as their holiday destination.

  • The whole world envy’s France their sophisticated culture. They just seem to know how to do things in a certain way that makes many of us want to emulate them. The French just seem to have chic down to a tee with little or no effort whereas the rest of us struggle with it. A shopping trip in France is perfect for the shopaholic.
  • France has so many different types of scenery and geographical features. You can visit the French Alps and enjoy the snow or go down south and enjoy the Rivera. There are unique features and attractions in almost every part of France.
  • The infrastructure in France is great and it is really easy to travel around the country. The rail network is magnificent and the high speed rail networks mean that it takes little or no time to get from one side of the country to the other. The French roads are also easy to drive on.
  • French food is admired around the world and you have to go there to sample the real thing. You will be able to sample many different dishes no matter what part of the country you are in; the choice really is very broad. French cheese is also something that you should try as well.
  • Wine is another thing the French are famous for and there really are so many options that you will probably find it quite confusing knowing which ones to choose. Make sure that you bring a few bottles back with you; wine is surprisingly cheap in France.