Enjoy the Algarve festivals and events!


Welcome to Algarve, the never-ending summer land, where the perfect atmosphere accompanied by the dazzling sun, the excellent weather, the joyful rebel waves embracing the landforms along with the sandy shores are impaciently waiting for people to visit and to enjoy this corner of paradise.
There are plenty of beautiful and engaging upcoming festivals and events, eager to welcoming you. You cannot miss them!

1. The exposition “75 dias na Ucrânia” by João Porfírio (16th July- 16th August)
This show is much more than just a display of photographs. The goal of the exhibition, according to the author, is to bring each visitor as closely as possible to the reality that exists in Ukraine now as a result of Russia’s invasion of its borders.
In order to do this, the author came up with a number of immersive installations. For example, at the entrance to the exhibition, visitors must travel through a tunnel built of sandbags that is reminiscent of the ones used in Ukraine to protect trenches. The esteemed maestro Martim Sousa Tavares, founder and conductor of the orchestra Sem Fronteiras, who will be present at the inauguration with six of its players, will choose the songs for this playlist.

2. Lota Cool Market ( 21st-24th July)
In 2022, Portimo will once again host LOTA COOL MARKET! Five days filled with fun, food, music, and eCOOLvibes. Every evening from 8:00 p.m. till late, there is entertainment along the river in Portimo.
The event, which will take place between July 21 and 24, from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m., close to the town’s historic fish market, will have the subject “eCOOLogical mood.”
This occasion makes Portimo’s riverfront a hub for fine art, design, gourmet gastronomy, and street food.
Lota Cool Market focuses on fresh arts, fashion, street food, gourmet goods made in the country, and music.

3. “Mar Me Quer” festival (12th-14th August)
The “Mar Me Quer” Festival was established to meet the demand for the Algarve to host an occasion that could attract large crowds and satisfy the desire for a festival with a youthful spirit, one that is fashionable, irreverent, and with clearly defined environmental concerns.

Check the schedule:
August 12th (Diogo Piçarra with Special Guest Edmundo Inácio-Bishop-Sunset – DJs Sék Mintendes)
August 13th (Richie Campbell-Chico da Tina-Sunset – DJ Nuno Luz)
August 14th (Paula Fernandes-Bué Tolo-Sunset – DJ Wilson Honored)

4. Figueira Folklore Festival (16th July)
Regional and international ensembles will be participating in this festival, which is run by the Rancho Folklórico da Figueira.
After a two-year hiatus, the Festival is back with the promise of a large crowd, with the goals of encouraging the festival and coexistence, diversity and cultural exchange, and associational dynamism as well as the enjoyment and transmission of traditional arts and cultures.

5. The Sardinha Festival (3rd-7th August)
The Sardinha Festival is regarded as one of Portimo’s major celebrations and one of the Algarve’s biggest food festivals.
Sardines are one of the best appetizers in the Algarve, and it only takes a short while from the time that they are caught to the time that they are cooked over embers. Sardine in Portimo is frequently served with boiled potatoes and an Algarve salad, and it is also accompanied by good music played on two stages that cater to all musical tastes.
The Bandstand shows how listening to the most popular music is a great approach to stimulate your interest in the much-desired sardines. There is nothing better than watching the concerts on the main stage as the salad is dipped in bread for everyone who spent the day at one of Portimo’s beaches and arrives at the Festival a bit later.

Enjoy the most beautiful, entertaining and varied festivals and events in Algarve, always relying on the services of Low Cost Transfers, for efficient transfers whenever you need, with your family and friends for an unforgettable holiday and special moments!