Quick Carvoeiro guide

carvoeiro guide

Today we’ll try to give you a bit of a Carvoeiro guide, since this is one Algarve destination that we haven’t talked about pretty much till now.

The small fishing village of Carvoiero used to survive on the tuna fishing industry and its sole claim to fame was that in 1554, off Cape Carvoeiro a major naval battle toop place in which a Portuguese flotilla destroyed the fleet of a Turkish corsair.

However that happened so long ago, and nowadays Carvoeiro is a very popular resort with tourists and has been developing at a constant pace. Carvoeiro is one of those Algarve destinations that is great for those who travel with their children, for a series of reasons.

One would be that it is relatively quiet when compared with most other popular Algarve resorts, with a plethora of self-catering options, as well as a very compact centre of town.

That compact centre of town makes it great for families because you’ll find pretty much anything that you’ll need in a small surface area, and the square is quite pretty as well because it is pedestrianized and you won’t see any cars parked there.

That same square is actually located behind the beach, the Praia do Carvoeiro is a wonderfully sheltered sandy beach which spreads from the front of the square and is protected by cliffs on either side. This makes the place feature some very calm waters, and also there are plenty of bars and cafes around the place to quench your thirst or to take care of any hunger that you might develop while on the beach.

Those who enjoy watersports will also be very well-catered for with jetskis and pedaloes being available on the beach, and there are also a couple of diving schools based in the town as well, so that’s always an option if you’re into it.

Keep in mind our Algarve car rental services though, if you wish to explore the outskirts of the town as well.