Fuzeta guide


We start our Fuzeta guide by mentioning that you might actually see two different spellings of the Olhao district: Fuzeta or Fuseta; they are both correct and are derived from the old spelling Fozeta. This too derived from the Portuguese word for ‘mouth’ or ‘foz’, the idea behind the name being ‘mouth of the river’ because the districts sits upon an estuary spread in front before the Altantic Ocean.

Fuzeta is set in the eastern region of the Algarve and is actually a stand-alone town, a rather thriving fishing town thanks to the warmer waters close-by that still catch the local fisherman large numbers of tuna which in turn are integral to the local canning industry.

The town is also a major producer of natural sea salt thanks to the salt beds that lie on the eastern side of the town and is also a great destination for campers because of a great campsite right by the quayside. The views from this place include the small islands with long sandy beaches accessible by taking the local ferry. Those visiting the Armona island for instance also have the option of a water taxi – more expensive than the ferry but you won’t have to conform to the ferry timetable.

The town of Fuzeta is laid out in a grid pattern, featuring a cobble decorated main street which has been pedestrianized and having great shops, bars as well as an art gallery all of which leading to a small square with shady trees and benches.

The square is also flanked by lots of bars and restaurants, both options being great to just sit with a glass of local booze and take in the atmosphere. Both large and small roads criss-cross each other but many of them are either no-entry or one way, so walking is a good idea for exploring the place in depth.