Best Algarve Events for the Summer of 2014

Best Algarve Events for the Summer of 2014

The endless summer, the mirage of the ocean and the exotic charm of the seaside resorts, coupled with the Portuguese sense of melancholy make the Algarve an amazing place for all those looking for an unforgettable adventure, and here are some suggestions of best Algarve events for the summer of 2014.

If the charm of Spain and Portugal attract you, be it through customs or especially music, there are quite a few music festivals and events that you should take into consideration. For instance, in Portimao, you can take part in Música Mundi: Tango and many more. If you wish to be lulled by the gentle and sad Fado rhythm of the Portuguese guitar, there are recitals by João Cuña almost every day in Faro Museum.

Portimao is also host of some quality classical music recitals: the Lagos Music Academy Chamber Orchestra comes on tour on the 21st of June, to give just an example.

All throughout the Algarve, there are markets with fun and artifacts and much joy: Lagoa, Lagos, Faro, Loule, Albufeira, Quarteira and Tavira are just a few of the cities hosting them.

If you thought the Portuguese were not fun people, you’ll change your mind when you find out they actually organize Festa do Frango no Churrasco – which basically celebrates the exquisite flavor of chicken barbecue and turns the whole cooking activity into a true ritual!

In August, Olhos de Agua hosts a traditional Sardine Festival, as ever since time immemorial, most of the Algarve cities thriving today used to be fishermen villages. The same town organizes a great folkloric festivity with even more music, food and fun.

Albufeira dresses in festive clothing on August 14th with the Festa da Nossa Senhora da Orada (the festival of Our Lady of the Oracle), who is patron saint of the fishermen, which is at the same time a religious and a popular celebration.

Last but not least, let’s not forget that Europeans love sports and the Portuguese are not an exception to this rule. All throughout the summer, in June, July and August, you will have the chance to see sporting events and activities on the beach, culminating with August 20th, when Albufeira pays homage to sports with a great fireworks display.

Could we make our invitation to Portugal clearer?